Thursday, June 10, 2010

Singapore - HarbourFront

Day 2

Having difficulties to wake up at 8am the next day. However, aunty brought Hayden's into the room and that made me put an extra effort to pull myself up from bed. hehehe my little cousin is so damn cute :D

Looking at his photo makes me smile. He is a very smart baby leh. He got the camwhoring blood inside. You know something? When I looked at him, he kept moving here and there and once I took my camera out to take his picture, he will stop there without moving and let me take his picture. HAHAHA omg so cute can!!!
eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee *squeeze his face*
He is so cute. OMG!!! I want a cute baby T____________________T

Sadly I don't have the chance to take a picture with him cause I haven't took my shower teeheee.
Once I'm done taking shower, the little cutie pie slept -____- hahaha what a bad luck booo :(
Little piggy.

The day where I managed to camwhored with Sylvia. Aww my poor little cousin. We shall hang out next time okay. Don't be sad. I love you :)


I did not get to visit Sentosa T__________________T because both days were raining. Bloody hell.
So Sharon and I decided to go Vivo City mall :)

That day was purely meant for shopping but ended up buying nothing because most of the clothes are freaking expensive too. Sigh. God hates me. Did you know that there's one super plain sandal with only a flower on top of it that cost 99 dollars. Like wtf? Cost about RM250 for that after conversion. hahahahaha hallelujah.

Less words, more pictures :)

I damn love this handbag. So effing cute. It's damn small and it can only fit in my cute little camera inside, and it cost about 30$ only if I'm not mistaken. IF I'm not mistaken okay. But I think it must have been a mistake LOL.

Finally I present this special picture to Kai Choy, Peiyan, Mark and also Amirul :)

Ki-mo-chiiiiii ~~~ ahhh :P

Alright. That sounds so wrong.
Still I think that is very nice thing to do in order to name your restaurant. Sadly to say I have no opportunity to eat there because it was closed.

The place was so windy and bright. My eyes become even smaller -____- duh!!!

Oh yea, the second day, I went out with Sharon only. Just the two of us. My tour guide (Shawn) was still sleeping like a pig. hahahaha

Oh My God! We took like gazillions picture out there and trust me these are not even half of what I've posted in here :)

We spend like more than 30 minutes there camwhoring. hahahaha yes we are crazy bitches :D

LOL a random 'ang moh' passing by us :D

Oh God. It's tiring huh? To keep scrolling into my cute face. Sigh. I know. Life is unfair sometimes. To be more precise life is unfair most of the time :P hahaha wtf am I crapping right now.

Then we went to the National Geographic museum o.O or was it not? Oh whatever it is :P

You can leave your messages there for the Earth Day. Actually it's just one of the activity for you to release stress. You can vandalize there instead :)
Just kidding.

Second day were more to photos and less stories. Let the picture do the talking. Save your time from reading and also it saves my time from typing :D

Then we headed to the Candy Empire for some chocolates wiiipppeeee :)

That's the only chocolates I afford to buy T___________________T sobs. Spend 9 dollars on 4 chocolate bars. hahahaha. The Kit Kat cost 3$ per bar. OMG which means about RM6.5 each and in Malaysia you can get a similar one but different flavor that cost only RM2+ or RM3+
Aiya but then too bad Malaysia don't sell that flavor. Wait... please tell me Malaysia never sell it or I'm so gonna cry if Malaysia is selling it and just that I have too small eyes that I couldn't even notice it.

I heart Chocolates

About 2pm we went for lunch. I had this dunno what BBQ chicken with rice.

Right after that we continue with our shopping spree. Bought a pendant for myself and Sharon bought a pair of flats for herself. About 3pm+ we headed back to the MRT and on our way back to Toa Payoh because I need to pack my clothes since my bus will be departing at 5.30pm.

Before heading back to Toa Payoh, had my one last snack there T______________________T
I'm crying while typing this. wuwu so sad to leave Singapore.

Soya Bean ice cream. Cost 1.80$ for the cup and 1.50$ for the cone. I took the cup one coz I don't want the cone but ended up I couldn't finish it. I don't really like the ice cream because I don't like soya bean. Bought it just to try for once in my lifetime and it's a waste of money. haha. But for those who area big fans of soya bean, then it should taste nice. I still prefer my McD vanilla sundae cone :D

Reached back Melaka Central about 8pm+
The bus we sat was quite fast and there's no stopping along the journey at all. I have to hold my pee for the whole journey. Walao wei... damn suffering sial.

Overall it was a great trip :D
Next time when I visit you girls, make sure we visit Sentosa ok?
I know you are bored with that place Sharon, but I'm so gonna drag you there with me. I don't care :D

Till then. Adios

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