Wednesday, June 2, 2010

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Went to watch this movie together with Kok Loong and Wei Quan and the movie is quite good. Thank God I didn't play the game therefore I have no freaking idea what's the game is about and so I wouldn't judge the movie by comparing it with the original game :)

Overall I think it's good. Love the graphic. Just that some scenes look kinda fake especially the snakes.. ewwww i hate them. So disgusting.

The movie lasted about 2 hours. Then went for some shopping. hahaha wasted time in Brands Outlet choosing shirts that cost 3 for RM50. And so me being the smarty pants, without asking I thought we can mix the guys n girls clothes. And each of us decided to get one. The reason both of them getting the shirt is because I asked them to since I can save RM2+ for the shirt. hahahah wtf damn cheapo to the max right?

So after half an hour busy choosing. Ended up the cashier said we can't mix. hahaha wtf??
So all of us have to pay the original price. hahahahahahahahha damn funny until can die.
I pity them for being dragged along to buy just for the sake of me saving RM2++ which ended up having to pay it for the same price also. LOL

I'm so cute :D thank you.

Then we went to A&W for a drink.

Lazy to blog much. Good night

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Kino said...

yalor~~~ wasting my time.. ><

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