Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The disadvantage of having an insensetive person as a friend

This is what happened between me and my shameful friend.
We were walking along the CLC pathway and my friend said something which I couldn't recalled what was it about and then I've decided to slower my speed [actually is not slower my speed but I stopped at the middle of nowhere and decided to not walk] and this un-shameful friend of mine shouted this to me with a very loud tone.

Stupid Hopeless Friend : Oiii pantat!! Cepat


Malu to the maximum sial. Gosh! I wish u burn in hell.

And Lynnette You was laughing there when she heard that. hahahahaha i feel like dying.
Jatuh saham kao kao. hahahaha

Dah la CLC so damn packed. They were having all those clubs and societies registration day.

That's my friend. gaining cheap publicity by being a low paid emcee for the MMU orientation. hahaha bikin charity pak.

Oh Gawd something has gotten into me lately. Right now I've got this fetish of camwhoring inside the car :D

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