Monday, June 7, 2010


First day of class was oh well rather plain. Nothing much to blog about it. In fact there's nothing at all to blog about.

However managed to slack with Nicole, Mirul and Nic in Jusco today. Since my slave is not here, therefore he missed out the slacking gathering. LOL

Sigh. Amirul do loves MMU so damn much.
hahaha the handbag model of the month :D

We camwhored in the middle of the shopping mall. Most of the promoters were looking at our cute-ness :)

Went to Brands Outlet to look for some clothes but ended up buying nothing. The Birthday shade is awesome. I hate the tag thou. Potong stim je.

Went to weigh himself to see how fat he has grown.

My initial plan was to look for a waist belt to match my newly bought floral dress :) and thanks a lot to Nicole and Amirul for buying me one as my belated birthday gift. Awwww so sweet of you two. Especially Mirul, I know you are broke like shit but still you are willing to pay it for me. Knowing you as a cheapo but heck, I still love you as my Kambing Biri-Biri (mengembek)

After done with some shoppings (yes we did bought something) we went to Shihlin for some snacks.

Amirul showing off his newly bought jacket hahaha.

The sweet potatoes are seriously damn nice. I love the spices that they used to fried with it. Cost RM4 per packet as shown above.

Then we headed back about 4pm+ since there's another class at 6pm. Sigh. I seriously hate Monday :(
Longer breaks equals to more spending and more spending leads to empty pocket and an empty pocket makes Ruby a very very sad girl.

Oh well, It's a good thing to have class again because I can hang out with my beloved friends and also started worrying about assignments, test, presentations and finals. The cycle seems like a never ending one.

Will blog more soon when I've got the time. As for now I'm too lazy to blog about my trip cause there's this phrase called save the best one for the last. hahahahahahaha the truth is there are too many pictures and I haven't choose which to post in my blog, therefore I need some time to go through each and every single pictures for some 'quality check' before releasing them in this little space of mine.

Good night peeps.

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