Friday, June 11, 2010

It's Friday and I've got no class for this semester which means there's more time for me to rot at home. I'm supposed to get a job for this 3 days but unfortunately I've got no transport in the morning and can only work for the weekends but somehow the lady doesn't want a-2-day-worker so there goes my chance of earning some money :(

In the afternoon, had a date with Marky. Oh well, we were supposed to catch the 4.45pm movie for Karate Kid. The cute me, reached Dataran about 4.20pm and it was raining so you can't blame me :(
Plus I purposely departed later because I want Mark to be there waiting for me instead of me waiting for him. hahahahaha this is what I called romantic mah :P

The date wanted to get the tickets before I reached but I told him not to because I wanted to buy the tickets using my student ID. Can get it for like RM6 only okay... Save my extra RM4 (oh that was the initial idea) but somehow when we reached there about 4.30pm, the 4.45pm movie was fully occupied except for the front rows -____- and in the end we decided to take the 6.10pm and guess what?? After 6pm no ID cards can be used. Fuck my life to the maximum man!!!

hahahahahahahahaha and of course I got the 'stare' from baby mark. LOLOLOL so called saving RM4 my ass T________________________T
Have to pay extra and to make things worst, need to wait until 6.10pm some more :(
haha sorry Mark. I know I'm cute :)
Muackss... lol

While waiting, went to take our dinner which was at 4.50pm -____-
OMG can you believe it? So damn early wei. Thank God I'm not feeling hungry while blogging this post entry now.
We went to Burger King for dinner.

I had BBQ cheeseburger and Vanilla coke :D
Sat there for an hour and then went to hunt for some perfumes since the sissy slave wanted to get Dirty English perfume from Juicy C.

We can be the best cursing couple ever :D

There's not even a day where we wouldn't curse each other :)
That's the power of our master-slave relationship.
So I'm here to curse you before the days end.
F*** you darling :D
hahahahahahahahahahha mampos lo!!!!

The movie was quite good for me. It's quite long but I think overall it was okay. Jaden smith is so damn cute. He got 6 packs okay!!! So young but got 6 packs already. hahaha i salute you young man. Plus he is so damn cute especially the part where he smiles in order to hang his jacket. The part where Jackie Chan told him about his attitude. hahahahaha damn cute die die!!

The next movie I'm going to watch will be A Team. Till then. Adios

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Ash said...

wan to watch it too.....T^T

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