Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Why guys are not observant enough?

Case in point:-

Me: Did you realized something? *smiling happily*
Ignorant guy: *staring at me* What?
Me: I just cut my fringe :D
Ignorant guy: o.O ohhh you did? wow....
Me: -____________- yeah can't you tell that my fringe is like 1cm shorter now??
Ignorant guy: WOWWWWW!!!!!! Yeahhh you did cut your fringe o.O *being sarcastic*
Me: Fuck you!!!
Ignorant guy: -___________- I don't see any difference at all.

This is why most couples tend to argue with each other because guys don't appreciate things that we girls do, did or done. Another example:

This is applicable to married couples :)

Wife: *bought a effing expensive dress to turn her guy on*
Husband: *shows no response*
Wife: *hinting the guy to notice her expensive nice dress*
Husband: *too stupid to notice even after thousands of hints were given*
Wife: *ended up need to slap all the words in front of the guy in order for him to actually notice*

Then the conversation will goes like this

Husband: Wear so nice what for? Got dinner ah?"

Wife: No la. I just think that this dress is nice. Don't you think so? I do look different no?

Husband: I don't see any difference also.

Wife: -_________- fine

Husband: How much is the dress by the way?

Wife: errrmmm it's quite expensive. About RM500??

Husband: What the fuck???? So expensive dress but still makes no difference when u wear it?? Cheat people's money. Plus you think my face muka cop duit ah? Go return the dress back bloody hell. Buy so expensive dunno for what la. Not say become sexier after wear. I prefer you never wear la. Save my money and more sexy.


Guys should learn how to appreciate your woman and please be more observant.
The only thing that they give fully attention and extra observation is when in this type of scenario:

A bunch of guys hanging out together scenario

Guy 1: ehhh ehhh see that Ah moi A so pweetttyyy ahhh... I think arrr her boobs and ass getting bigger la macha.

Guy 2: ehh ya la... true true... looks more juicier and firmer.... fuhlamakkk....

Guy 1: ya la i told you so.... this one sure got something one... wahkakakakaka

Guy 2: hahahaha lai lai high five dude!!!

So typical guys -___________-
The only thing they take notice is just the boobs and the ass. When it comes to the hair, face, fingernails, what clothes u are wearing, the color of your shirt, or the color of your fingernails and etc, they are blind.

And when a bunch of girls were hanging out, you won't hear this from their conversation:

Girl 1: OMGGG look at that guy... i bet he has a 10cm long d***

Girl 2: Holy crapz!!! I'm wet right now.

Girl 1: Uhlala~~~

hahahahaha who the fuck will talk like that la T__________________T
We girls do talk about guys but not to that extent, get me?

Well i know some guys are very good in observing the surroundings but most of them just can't notice all the little, tiny, petty changes going on around them.

Conclusion is that guys cant live without girls :P and we girls rock to the max!!

ps: i know my conclusion is so irrelevant. But i love it :P

yes yes i know i'm cute :D thankyouloveyoubye

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