Friday, August 15, 2014

Summer stories baby.

When I met you in the summer
To my heartbeat sound
We fell in love
As the leaves turned brown

And we could be together baby
As long as skies are blue
You act so innocent now
But you lied so soon
When I met you in the summer

Calvin Harris - Summer

Unfortunately summer is the only season in Malaysia. 


Are you interested to know how I spend my summer vacation?
(cewahhh summer vacation konon).

Sun-tanning by the beach in a cute bikini. Eating ice cream on a hot sunny weather while looking at hot hunks with six sexy delicious packs. Drinking sex-on-the-beach-cocktail by the bar. Enjoying the breezy night with le girl friends. (there's no boyfriend thingy in this picture okay. sebab potong stim jak)

The effect of watching too much chick flicks movie.

Well at least I do spend my summer as how I described above. Except with a tiny bit of a twist.

Enjoying the breezy night with le girl friends without our boyfriends.

Looking at hot hunks with six sexy delicious ONE packs. 

Eating ice-cream cockles and drinking sex-on-the-beach apple cider.

We can skip the bikini part my dear friends. It is totally out of the picture.
Other than that everything was in the right place as how I wished my summer vacation would be.


What's a summer vacation without shopping?

Okay that's quite unrelated. Just feel like showing off my new purchase :P

Finally Victoria Secret's outlet decided to land in Melaka. Like finally.
Melaka Maju Jaya!


Luncheon at Nandos with le Familia.

And the most interesting part is when you have a tiny little toddler around.
Yeap. A baby.
The joy of having a baby.
Especially the annoying type of joy. hahahaha..

Hello my name is Yin Yin. I am 22 months old. I'm a greedy little baby. No I am not a boy. I may look like one but I am not!

*3 mins later* Where is the foooood???? I'm hungereeehhhh

Seriously! Kid can never be quiet or stay quiet not even for a minute nowadays.
They can really annoy the hell out of you.

Please don't be deceived by their innocent face. They are actually little rascals.

Chicken for a feast.


Went to visit my relatives place during Raya.
The tradition is that - to go visiting with an empty stomach.

The first house is always the unlucky ones because they have to feed all the hungry monsters.

Ayam kampung masak kuah lemak cili padi, Rendang chicken and Curry mutton, Ketupat and etc.
Oh My God! Orgasmic.

And off to the second house.

The little poser.

The little hostesses :)

Didn't receive any green packets :(


Oh and here's one of my favorite event.

Couple weeks back, the gang decided to watch Guardians of the galaxy.
As usual, we will find the unlucky victim to be the driver and fetch the entire kampung.
So, Cheong Hong was the unlucky dude for that day.

Before we reached the cinema, his car died at the parking lot.
Thank God his car battery died after we found a parking.

We will only decide how to start the car after the movie ended.

So once the movie ended, all of us were busy calling over friends to jump start a.k.a to give the dead battery a boost.

After attempting for about 30 to 45 minutes, the car finally revived.

As if the night is not bad enough to have your car died on you while you were having a super awesome plan with friends watching Guardians of the Galaxy. The rain started to pour heavily. Beeetttcccchhhh!

We told him not to on the air-conditioner and the radio (trying to save the battery life span as much as we can). seriously. Whose theory is this ya? Got such thing ke?

And that's when we have to hire a living, talking windscreen wiper.


Why are my friends so cute?
*pinch face*


Lepaking session at Station One with the girls.

Picture taken from Instagram.


The nyonya hot came back last week.
Miss her lots!
It was great to have all the updates and gossips.

In love with her long curly hair. So chio!

This is delicious. Can't remember what was it called.

Compulsory shot in the cinema's toilet.

Watched TMNT. 
Loving this part the most!

You guys should really watch this.


Lately, I saw quite a number of people posting pictures of their ice cream in a so called "flower-pot-look-alike". I find it very adorable.

Therefore, it is a must for me to join the crowd. Call me kiasu.

You can find this at Jonker Street.

7 flavours to choose from.

With the cousin :)

Looks exactly like a plant.

Camwhoring with an edible mini flower pot

Last but not least, loving this dress from H&M.
R is for Ruby and I'm just awesome like that XD

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