Saturday, April 24, 2010

Bibi Kiu

A small celebration was held in order to celebrate that I'm done with all my assignments and presentations.
Of course not!

Our BBQ spot is always the same that is at Tanjung beach or you can call it as Klebang's beach. Anything will do. Nobody cares :P

Reached there about 5.40pm and camwhoring is a must!! I love to camwhore outside because the lighting gives me a very satisfying result. .

A big photo of myself sounds pretty cool to start of for this entry right? *big satisfying smiles*

We were busy camwhoring while the rest were busy swimming in the sea water O__O
I love the beach very much because pictures taken there looks nicer especially during the day. Of course photos taken at night will ended up looking like shit la. Unless you got a DSLR or any cameras that can take nice picture quality during the night. However I don't have that kind of camera. My pinky can only take nice picture during the day and not at night.

You guys still remember this balloon thingy where we used to play when we were young? I don't know what's the exact name to call it. Just take a look at the photo below for further info.

hahaha that's how it turned out to be once there's a hole in it or when you did not blow properly or when you didn't put enough of those sticky stuff or whatever it's called.

At least we spend about 10 minutes playing with that stuff in order to kill time. I only managed to produce 2 balloons and my first one failed T___________T
The moment i blew it, it died on me sobs.

Lyn got a bigger one instead. No fair T_________T
I'm not going to post the picture here coz I got a smaller one and I'm sad :P

Flip Flops :)

Awww how sweet of you to surprise me with this. Thank you Lyn darls. Saw the heart shape above? hehee damn cute right? Got eyes and a smile as well. That was drawn by the artistic Ruby *claps claps* bravo bravo :D

OH MY GOD!!!! I just realized that my skin tone are totally damn freaking vast different lor. WATAFAK!!!
My legs are so fair but my arms/hands are so freaking dark T_______________________T
I can go commit suicide now. No any lotions of what so ever can cure my skin color disease WUWUWU.
Aihh sad die.

Ehh not 2 tone colors but 3 instead. Face, hands and legs totally different colors. Oh My God! Satu Malaysia wei. HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA i feel so patriotic with my body colors O_O

My legs belong to the chinese community, whereas for the face belongs to the malay and the hands erm you should know by now.

Trying to dig a hole for the BBQ. hahahaha she damn cute can! Oh and please ignore her ass O_O
It was a candid ass shot ^^

Start BBQ-ing at 6.45pm since all of us were starving to death. Managed to eat around 8pm. Woohooo i ate 4 pieces of chicken wei!!! My new world record sial. Not only that. After eating 4 chickens, I can still feed myself even more because I'm still hungry T_____________T but i managed to control myself and not to eat more chickens. Shy wei.. I am a very ladylike girl lor. Where can eat more than 4 chickens one? Buat malu je hahahaha. Then i had half BBQ-ed corns *yum yum* and also BBQ-ed marshmallows which was so freaking delicious. Uh-la-la~~~

This explains why I got an upset tummy right after I reached home and terpaksa do some big business in the toilet. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA *shy* there goes all my dinner. Waste :(

By far this is my most satisfying BBQ ever because i ate like nobody's business. Compared to the last BBQ which i couldn't remember. At that time I only ate 1 chicken ler. While blogging right now, I do feel like eating some more but i should restraint myself from eating too much or else someone is going to call me fat.

By the way, it was so windy and it is a quite nice place for dating.

I shall end my post with a SS photo of us :)

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Sweet Sugar Candy

I'm very relieved that I can officially said that I'm done with all my presentations as well as my assignments for the sem. Wooohooo. Which means I can concentrate on revision for the upcoming Finals which will be less than 2 weeks time. First ever paper on the 5th of May which is Criminal Law paper and the last paper would be on the 14th May. I really need a nice vacation this sem break which I highly doubt I will get one T____________T

Plan to visit Singapore but then by looking at their currency, I can just go rape myself. Imagine exchanging RM500 for less than 250 dollars in return. Wahhhhhh that is suicidal wei T________________T
So I might be spending my holidays in Melaka the Historical State AGAIN for like 21 years. (Sorry my little cousins, looks like you girls gotta wait for me another 10 more years to visit SG)
Shall visit MP/DP and Jusco everyday until I die of boredom.

I tried the new isolated parking in MMU which is super damn far and scary. If park there during night, surely will get rape one lor O__O

It's very difficult to walk on the path since it was filled with stones. If everyday drive here, kereta pun cepat jahanam punya.

Walked until tired wei. Walking on that kind of road together with a heels really fucked up lor. I have to slower my speed to 50% of my normal speed. Dah la the sun so bloody hot. Then have to walk slowly sumore coz scare will terjatuh torgelek anjing. Need to maintain the ladylike look mah *shy*
(ruby very sopan-santun one okay) Don't believe can go ask all my friends :P (you may ask them after i bribe all of them ok)


hahaha that's Ku Mohd Afiq looking kinda blur during the moot thingy. Well I think I can understand why he looked blur. It was because I took his picture when he was unprepared. wahahahahahahahha.

wahhhhhh.... boon keong you looked so lengzai in here wor. By the way it was a candid. I secretly took his picture because he got a secret crush on me. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH wtf so irrelevant. Ok that was a joke. Nobody had a secret crush on anybody. But anybody had a secret crush on somebody and somebody had a secret crush on nobody.


I find out that the sign looks and sounds funny O_O
Try reading it together without pausing. hahahaha after reading it, the only thing that came through my mind was that it is trying to tell us to be quiet and please go to the toilet if you are noisy. HAHAHAHAHAHA
ok not funny. bye

That's me together with my moot partner, Swii Fern :)

Hmm the photo angle makes me looked even fatter O___O
I'm quite thin in real life one. So don't be fooled by the picture above *living in denial*

Oh My God!!! Can you see and feel the sepet-ness of the eyes? Holy Mama!! I can't even look at my face. It looks like China Mui T____________________________T
Ehh even China Taiwan girls have big eyes nowadays ler. sobs. Oh well its either they have undergone a surgery or they deceived people by using their magic hands to put some miracle towards their eyes by putting on makeup. Seriously ler!! I've saw couple of Taiwanese programmes where a not so hot chick turn out to be a Goddess right after the make up. WALAO WEI~~~

hahahahahaha ok after looking at kai choy's picture. I'm here to declare that I got a China Chai as a companion. I'm not alone in this cruel world. His eyes are even smaller than mine :D

Went to Amboi for lunch and thanks for the treat auntie and also Lynette.

A gigantic size picture of the lady boss right in front of the door


Him: Yo half innocent lady!
Me: Yes fully corrupted guy?
Him: OMG not so fully la, just 92%. Ok I'm bored
Me: Give me money, then you won't feel that bored :)
Him: And what I'm gonna get in return?
Me: A smile from me :D
Him: I shall give u a smile as well.

Conclusion: No pain no gain.

Toodles *winks*

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

It's just not my luck

Just woke up from my an hour nap *yawns*
Feels kinda dizzy right now.

Do you know what happened today?
Oh My God!!!
I woke up at 6am and prepared for class (presentation) which will be at 9am. Normally it took me about 30-40 mins (depending on the traffic as well) only to reach campus, but the funny thing was that I departed at 8.10am so supposed to reach campus about 8.45am, however there's a stupid bloody construction on the road which normally takes only about 2mins to reach but instead, it took me bloody more than 15 mins!!!!! Arghhh angry and frustrated okay! Out of all grandmother's day, why the fuck you wanna fuck me on this particular day where I'm having my presentation at 9am! Godammit!! Can't you just f*** me other times? *shy*
[the content above are meant for viewers above 18, those who are below 18 then one word for ya, MAMPOS LO] teehee

Ok anyways, back to the story. I reached MMU at 9.10am shit-ass! Dah la lambat, then kena fetch Mark kesayangan ku lagi. Then have to find freaking parking sumore (as u know MMU parking issue, oh it eventually came out in a chinese newspaper leh hahaha) so ended up took about another 5-8mins. The time i reached inside, Hawe presented his part first. He is the 3rd presenter in my group actually, but since the first and second presenter (mark and I) were M.I.A therefore he started first. I'm here to apologize to my groupmates:-
Mark, Irshad, Amirul and Hawe
for being late T_____________T
Unforseen circumstances.

I would love to apologize to my tutorial friends as well for being late. I'm sorry :(


Went to Dins with Mark and Mirul after presentation. Rot there for nearly 2 hours. 2 hours is seriously very long lor. Thanks to the mooting submission which is why we have to dress formally and also not to mention i did not get to present my damn submission AGAIN. Need to come again tomoro. Arghhhhhh it made me damn pisssed, sad and also disappointed lor :(

Gotta dress formal again for tomoro -_____-
That's not the reason why I really got emotional. The reason was because stupid Mark is done with his submission and he managed to present today T________________T   I HATE YOU MARK!!!
[oklah that's not the reason why i got emotional]

This is the second time where I dressed formally just for this bloody submission and yet I still have to go again tomoro O__O

To make things worst, Mark don't want to accompany me go makan T_________________________T
It was 2pm at that time and I haven't had my lunch yet and when I asked him for lunch, he rejected me. He said that he is sleepy and sleeping is more important than me T____________________T
Oh my God, I just can't understand why i kept losing towards all the electronic stuffs. First my ex bf prefer psp over me, then mark prefer tv over me and then amirul prefer errrm kambing biri biri over me :P and then again mark prefer his bed over me. Ohhhh I am so depressed right now. I should go for plastic surgery :D

Oh wait, i still got boon keong. My loyal babi :)
He did asked me out for lunch but i rejected him O___O
Karma bebeh, karma T________________________T
But then he asked me for lunch at Sushi or Pizza and I must treat him. Hello, ding dong of course la i will reject that kind of lunch request. HAHAHAHAHA remember i am the queen of all cheapo's !!! Thanks to Amirul coz he spread his cheapskate aura to me :)

Let's meet my retarded-hentai-taiko-look-alike-human-species. I'm too shy to even call him as friend. Sorry he ain't my friend. However in order to promote him, he is known by the name STANLEY TING. A rich guy who drove a kancil with a big speaker on the back. Ehh dun pandang rendah on his kancil ok. His kancil is like super kancil.

Trying to be MJ but failed because first of all, MJ has shorter trousers in nature, not sticking your pants into your socks -______- and secondly MJ more handsome than u :P


Since someone not willing to accompany me for lunch (trying very hard to make that someone feels guilty), I went to McD with Amirul instead. My second sweetheart :)
Since Amirul is slightly richer today, therefore he doesn't mind having lunch in McD. hahahahaha see I'm not defaming you amirul. I promised to write a nice lovely post about you *showing big cute eyes*

On the way to Melaka Mall's McD, there were bunch of sexy cars passing by being escorted by the Police. Managed to capture this picture only. Damn classic wei the cars :)
Is that a mustang in front of the blue color car?

Woohooo I got Hello Kitty toys from my Happy Meal set :D:D:D:D

Amirul: OMG did you just ordered Happy Meals?
Me: *showing innocent face* yeah.
Amirul: Okay I do not know you!
Me: hahaha walk back home then *evil tanduk keluar*

hahahahahahahahahahahahhahahaha melampau pulak ni budak. Slap you die ^^

After all, he was the one got all hyped up trying so hard begging me to let him open the toys. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. blek

Saw the M logo above Hello Kitty's head? When u press the button, there's a light on it. hahaha cute :)

We had a nice date where we have to run under the pouring rain. Gosh, just like Hindustan movie ler. Romantic kao kao :P
You should have seen Amirul trying so hard to run with his selipar jepun look alike. hahahaha damn funny wei. It's like he is trying to run but at the same time can't run. Takut tergelincir and jatuh mah hahahahahaha. That flip flops really are slippery type one. He nearly fell one but was saved by his princess, Ruby :P

Camwhore a little before heading out to Melaka Mall for some window shopping.

This picture is my current facebook profile picture. The reason why I put it as my profile picture is to show Amirul how much I love him as my pet :)
Please obey your owner okay kambing biri-biri.

haha ok i shall say no more :P
I'll just spell it out.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Lucky vs Unlucky


Woke up as early as 8am thinking of going to Tort's class which was at 10am. Right after preparing everything and all, around 9am received lots of unmotivated sms-es which ended up making me lazy to go campus because most of them are not going as well. Sigh this is what you'll get for having such lazybums-unmotivated friends example Mark and Boon Keong.

So i lepak at home blogging up to 10.50am and then went to campus because initially I thought that there's a mooting oral submission for my group today. Reached campus at 11.30am and I searched for parking for like 15 FREAKING MINUTES!!!!!! Seriously i can go crazy if i have to face this kinda situation every single fucking day! That's the first issue which contributes towards my emo-ness. The next one is when I have to walk all the way from the parking space to FBL under the sun (because short cut mah, if i walked under all those shady route it will took me even longer to reach to FBL building). That's when I found out myself sweating all over right after i reached FBL. Second issue why i have reasonable reason to be EMO.

I've waited patiently behind the moot court room for our beloved lecturer. He reached about 12.30pm. Ok this one still alright, my blood pressure still remained calm. Once we entered the court room, he told us that he will only be free for 1 hour which means my group will have to present next week. Argghhhhh!!!!!!!! (Don't forget I'm wearing fully FORMAL, hell yea FORMAL!!!) Can you feel me?
The weather is freaking hot and i have to freaking walk so freaking far like nobody's business while dressing up in a full formal attire which is so freaking weird and hot and uncomfortable and so unstylish!!! arghhh all those are good reasoning for me to get emo okay!

Behold! My misery doesn't just stop there. If you think I'll be lucky after the above scenario, then you are totally WRONG!!! I actually dropped my freaking file and one hella thick memorial bundle right on my right foot. OH MY GOD!!!! The feeling was remarkably PAIN la of course T______________T

Sigh. See la, early morning all the sueh aura attacked me in a row. I think i need to look for Lilian Too to change my feng shui and help me enhance my money luck :P
By the way my right foot bengkak liao T____________T

This is how the MMU moot court room looks like. Hmm not bad. I give 3.5 out of 5 rating for the interior lol.

Quite Lucky I guess

Now there's a little bit of luck right after that. Since there's no oral submission for me and since I have to attend for my 4pm class therefore I've decided to remain somewhere nearby campus area. Swii fern and I decided to have lunch in Old Jusco. We couldn't made our mind up on what to have for lunch and I came up with a super brilliant idea which is to have Sushi :D

I know swii fern surely has the membership card coz she surely has it de la. See her face also know liao :P
Thank God the line wasn't that long. We lined up for less than 2 minutes and we managed to get a seat because there were only 2 of us therefore it is easier for us to get a seat compared to those who came in a bunch of groups :)
Started to feel a little lucky.

Sadly to say I only managed to eat 6 plates. This is the disadvantage for people like me. Owh and I didn't read the terms and conditions before eating. So i thought every single item that was on the Kaiten Belt cost RM2 therefore i took 2 plates of Golden Balls (yum yum my favorite) which is charged based on the normal price T________________T
Thank God i did not took 4 plates because I wanted too O___O
This part considered as quite unlucky :(

The Golden Balls that cheated behind my back T_____________________T

Seriously, 6 plates are damn fulfilling. I ate those at 1.35pm and I don't feel hungry at all even after 8pm. Had my dinner at 9pm which consist of bird eggs only without rice or any other food okay! This is my secret recipe on how to maintain a moderate body like me :P HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Conclusion of the secret recipe is:
Eat more sushi's for lunch and don't eat anything for dinner :)
Trust me you'll be slim and after few days you will go broke and that is the time where you'll get to diet and don't have to eat for the whole day continuously for several weeks :)
The end result is very satisfying. Uh-la-la

After done eating, suddenly the waitress send me this thing on my table. I was quite confused at first. I told her that I did not ordered that thing. I seriously thought that was WASABI wei!!!! A small bubble popped out of my mind

Later on the girl explained that someone ordered it for me. LOL and that person is Yee Fan. hahahaha thanks a lot yee fan :)

Can you understand why I thought it was a huge version of wasabi at the first place? Just take a look at the right hand corner. That's a wasabi O__O
Ok both still looks alike to me X_X

The ice cream was Green Tea flava ice cream, that explains why it looks like wasabi. hahahahahahaha

Right after eating went to hunt for bags. I did mentioned that I'm looking for a new bag right? So I've found one myself :)

You are so gonna see me carrying that pretty pink barbie bag to campus starting from next sem onwards in your dreams :)

hehehehehehehehehe GOTCHA!!!
Who the hell will carry that low life bag around la.

Owh and another bad news which will be concluded for this entry was that:

I have no freaking idea why the hell I'm taking Chess T________T
had my second paper today and seriously I can't answer at all except for those where i can get the answers from the notes itself. FML!!!
Don't know how to sit for finals. I am so gonna rape those who told me that Chess is very easy to score lor T_____________T 
No joke!

Oh I'm so fabulous.

Signing off fabulously.


It's the Sushi Bonanza week and we (Nicole, Ivan and I) planned to have em' for dinner but the line was so effing long O_O
Trust me the line is way longer than that because i only managed to take quarter picture of it. hah!

While waiting for them to arrive, i sat there waiting and this little girl kept running around like nobody's business. She's very cute lor. So i don't mind cute creature being annoying because they are just so cute :D
But if some not cute random little kids running around here and there shouting, i'll get irritated one lor O_O

Yeap i am cute-sism. I only like cute stuff. Those who are not cute, sorry la yah :P

Once both of them reached, we headed to Pizza instead. Bye Bye RM2 per plate sushi T_____________T

Trying to act cute but failed :P

Didn't even try to act cute but looked cute :P hahahahaha joking joking

Oh well, girls will always be girls :P

Overall had a nice dinner and window shopping. I wanna have Sushi King next time T________T
I just don't understand, why people so tam chiak (greedy). Wanna eat sushi when there's mad discount (I'm not one of them okay) HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA.

Oklah i have to go campus now. Got mooting oral submission presentation T_____________T
I just hope i can answer my Lord's question. Please don't shoot me T_______________T
I'm just a weak creature with a high risk of suffering from a heart attack. Please do not contribute to my death.

 blueberry cheese tart

Signing off with a peace pose :)

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