Thursday, April 22, 2010

Sweet Sugar Candy

I'm very relieved that I can officially said that I'm done with all my presentations as well as my assignments for the sem. Wooohooo. Which means I can concentrate on revision for the upcoming Finals which will be less than 2 weeks time. First ever paper on the 5th of May which is Criminal Law paper and the last paper would be on the 14th May. I really need a nice vacation this sem break which I highly doubt I will get one T____________T

Plan to visit Singapore but then by looking at their currency, I can just go rape myself. Imagine exchanging RM500 for less than 250 dollars in return. Wahhhhhh that is suicidal wei T________________T
So I might be spending my holidays in Melaka the Historical State AGAIN for like 21 years. (Sorry my little cousins, looks like you girls gotta wait for me another 10 more years to visit SG)
Shall visit MP/DP and Jusco everyday until I die of boredom.

I tried the new isolated parking in MMU which is super damn far and scary. If park there during night, surely will get rape one lor O__O

It's very difficult to walk on the path since it was filled with stones. If everyday drive here, kereta pun cepat jahanam punya.

Walked until tired wei. Walking on that kind of road together with a heels really fucked up lor. I have to slower my speed to 50% of my normal speed. Dah la the sun so bloody hot. Then have to walk slowly sumore coz scare will terjatuh torgelek anjing. Need to maintain the ladylike look mah *shy*
(ruby very sopan-santun one okay) Don't believe can go ask all my friends :P (you may ask them after i bribe all of them ok)


hahaha that's Ku Mohd Afiq looking kinda blur during the moot thingy. Well I think I can understand why he looked blur. It was because I took his picture when he was unprepared. wahahahahahahahha.

wahhhhhh.... boon keong you looked so lengzai in here wor. By the way it was a candid. I secretly took his picture because he got a secret crush on me. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH wtf so irrelevant. Ok that was a joke. Nobody had a secret crush on anybody. But anybody had a secret crush on somebody and somebody had a secret crush on nobody.


I find out that the sign looks and sounds funny O_O
Try reading it together without pausing. hahahaha after reading it, the only thing that came through my mind was that it is trying to tell us to be quiet and please go to the toilet if you are noisy. HAHAHAHAHAHA
ok not funny. bye

That's me together with my moot partner, Swii Fern :)

Hmm the photo angle makes me looked even fatter O___O
I'm quite thin in real life one. So don't be fooled by the picture above *living in denial*

Oh My God!!! Can you see and feel the sepet-ness of the eyes? Holy Mama!! I can't even look at my face. It looks like China Mui T____________________________T
Ehh even China Taiwan girls have big eyes nowadays ler. sobs. Oh well its either they have undergone a surgery or they deceived people by using their magic hands to put some miracle towards their eyes by putting on makeup. Seriously ler!! I've saw couple of Taiwanese programmes where a not so hot chick turn out to be a Goddess right after the make up. WALAO WEI~~~

hahahahahaha ok after looking at kai choy's picture. I'm here to declare that I got a China Chai as a companion. I'm not alone in this cruel world. His eyes are even smaller than mine :D

Went to Amboi for lunch and thanks for the treat auntie and also Lynette.

A gigantic size picture of the lady boss right in front of the door


Him: Yo half innocent lady!
Me: Yes fully corrupted guy?
Him: OMG not so fully la, just 92%. Ok I'm bored
Me: Give me money, then you won't feel that bored :)
Him: And what I'm gonna get in return?
Me: A smile from me :D
Him: I shall give u a smile as well.

Conclusion: No pain no gain.

Toodles *winks*

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