Saturday, April 24, 2010

Bibi Kiu

A small celebration was held in order to celebrate that I'm done with all my assignments and presentations.
Of course not!

Our BBQ spot is always the same that is at Tanjung beach or you can call it as Klebang's beach. Anything will do. Nobody cares :P

Reached there about 5.40pm and camwhoring is a must!! I love to camwhore outside because the lighting gives me a very satisfying result. .

A big photo of myself sounds pretty cool to start of for this entry right? *big satisfying smiles*

We were busy camwhoring while the rest were busy swimming in the sea water O__O
I love the beach very much because pictures taken there looks nicer especially during the day. Of course photos taken at night will ended up looking like shit la. Unless you got a DSLR or any cameras that can take nice picture quality during the night. However I don't have that kind of camera. My pinky can only take nice picture during the day and not at night.

You guys still remember this balloon thingy where we used to play when we were young? I don't know what's the exact name to call it. Just take a look at the photo below for further info.

hahaha that's how it turned out to be once there's a hole in it or when you did not blow properly or when you didn't put enough of those sticky stuff or whatever it's called.

At least we spend about 10 minutes playing with that stuff in order to kill time. I only managed to produce 2 balloons and my first one failed T___________T
The moment i blew it, it died on me sobs.

Lyn got a bigger one instead. No fair T_________T
I'm not going to post the picture here coz I got a smaller one and I'm sad :P

Flip Flops :)

Awww how sweet of you to surprise me with this. Thank you Lyn darls. Saw the heart shape above? hehee damn cute right? Got eyes and a smile as well. That was drawn by the artistic Ruby *claps claps* bravo bravo :D

OH MY GOD!!!! I just realized that my skin tone are totally damn freaking vast different lor. WATAFAK!!!
My legs are so fair but my arms/hands are so freaking dark T_______________________T
I can go commit suicide now. No any lotions of what so ever can cure my skin color disease WUWUWU.
Aihh sad die.

Ehh not 2 tone colors but 3 instead. Face, hands and legs totally different colors. Oh My God! Satu Malaysia wei. HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA i feel so patriotic with my body colors O_O

My legs belong to the chinese community, whereas for the face belongs to the malay and the hands erm you should know by now.

Trying to dig a hole for the BBQ. hahahaha she damn cute can! Oh and please ignore her ass O_O
It was a candid ass shot ^^

Start BBQ-ing at 6.45pm since all of us were starving to death. Managed to eat around 8pm. Woohooo i ate 4 pieces of chicken wei!!! My new world record sial. Not only that. After eating 4 chickens, I can still feed myself even more because I'm still hungry T_____________T but i managed to control myself and not to eat more chickens. Shy wei.. I am a very ladylike girl lor. Where can eat more than 4 chickens one? Buat malu je hahahaha. Then i had half BBQ-ed corns *yum yum* and also BBQ-ed marshmallows which was so freaking delicious. Uh-la-la~~~

This explains why I got an upset tummy right after I reached home and terpaksa do some big business in the toilet. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA *shy* there goes all my dinner. Waste :(

By far this is my most satisfying BBQ ever because i ate like nobody's business. Compared to the last BBQ which i couldn't remember. At that time I only ate 1 chicken ler. While blogging right now, I do feel like eating some more but i should restraint myself from eating too much or else someone is going to call me fat.

By the way, it was so windy and it is a quite nice place for dating.

I shall end my post with a SS photo of us :)

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