Monday, December 31, 2012

Sanrio Hello Kitty Town & The Little Big Club

Date: 22/12/2012
Venue: Sanrio Hello Kitty Town in Puteri Harbour Indoor Theme Park, Nusajaya Johor.
Opening Hour: 10am to 6pm (closed on Tuesday except during Public or School Holidays)
GPS Coordination: N 1 25.027 E 103 39.409
Price List as stated below:

Make sure you flash your Identity Card/MyKad in order to get a cheaper price.

 Stopped by the R&R for a quick refreshment.

We started our journey rather late that day.
By the time we arrived, it was about 2pm.

 1KM more to go :D

Hello Kitty is located 10 minutes away from Legoland.

 After 3 hours of driving, we finally arrived.

She's the reason why all of us went to Hello Kitty Town. lol

 Stop pretending as if that's your car Fikry.

 Ticket Counter

Camwhoring while waiting for Mark to buy the tickets.

We missed out a lot of activities because of the late arrival.
So for those who wants to make full use of your ticket, make sure you reach there by before 10am.

There are 3 levels in total.
The first level is Hello Kitty Town, second level is Little Big Club Park, and third level is Thomas and Friends

 Hello Kitty Town Map

Actually the place are quite small.

We bought Two Park pass which cost RM85 per person.

Our first destination was Hello Kitty Town

(Please refer to the Map above)
We only managed to visit Number 9 - Kitty's House and Number 11 - Black Wonder.
Number 1 is a Cafe.
Number 2 and 3 are still under construction.
Number 4 is a stage where Mini Show of Hello Kitty will be played (unfortunately the moment we arrived, the show ended)
Number 5 is a wishful Studio where you can find a Nail Saloon, Cookie Studio, Jewellery Making and Costume Dress Up & Photo Studio. (We didn't get to enter this one as the line was super long and the progress of waiting are too slow.) Rugi lor :(
Number 6 - Tea cups ride which are specially made for kids.
Number 7- Place for you to collect your photos.
Number 8 -  A garden for you to camwhore with the Hello Kitty Mascots (selected times only) (and we missed it as well. Boooo!)
Number 10- Place for kids to play.

Everyone will be given this Activity Card. You can only visit once for each activity. A stamp will be given at the back of your card to show that you've entered. Make sure you take enough photos before leaving each station, or else you'll regret and die! That's because you can't head back to the same place twice.

Number 8 - Dream Photo Garden

When we wanted to get in line for a picture, the man in charged told us that we can't because the time was over. T______T
How unlucky for us.

Our first stop was at the Kitty's House.
I want to live in Kitty's House T___T

 The main entrance

 Dinning room

And then we came across Kitty's Kitchen.

 Everything is so damn cute.

 The Bathroom

 Kitty Cupboard

 The Bedroom

 My face macam muka nak kena pelempang! hahahahaha...

This is Hello Kitty's Wardrobe!

OMG I think this is by far one of my most colorful post ever. And it's filled with lots of cute pictures.
Cute can die *melts*

Number 4 - The Purfect Stage


Black Tank Top from Colors, White Top from Thailand, 
White Jeans from MNG and Black Peep Toes from Charles & Keith.

 Number 5 - Wishful Studio

Look at the amount of people queuing just to enter Wishful Studio. From the picture it seems little, but in fact it's a lot.
No doubt we missed a lot of fun for not entering, but I don't want to waste 2 hours standing there lor.

Number 1 - Cinnamoroll Cafe 

 Number 10 - Friendship Land

Even the toilets are based on Hello Kitty theme. Cute max!

 Number 11 - Black Wonder
You have to play a game which is to find 5 letters and form a word out of it.

 An individual or a couple will be given a lamp. Put the lamp at one of the game slots and answer few questions, and at the end of the result, they will show you a symbol and that symbol will lead you to the 5 mystery alphabets.

I teamed up with the boyfie, Sarah teamed up with Sheila and Fikry teamed up with Jasyu and Nazreen. He was the 'tiang lampu' for the third team. hahahaha :P

All of us managed to answer correctly and we received a certificate for completing the quest.
I got a Hello Kitty Certificate!! weeee~~

That's the end of Hello Kitty Town.

We ventured the next level - The Little Big Club.
Basically, they have Barney and Friends, Pingu and Angelina the Ballerina at Level 2.
Trust me, you wouldn't want to buy Two Park tickets because it really doesn't worth at all.
Unless you are a parents and you have kids.
Level 2 and 3 are really really really meant for kids.
Although Hello Kitty are also meant for kids but to hell with that. I love that place!

The only thing we did on that level - camwhoring session with Barney the gay purple dinosaur :D

They have a Barney playhouse where they played Barney's programme and those are for kids. However Fikry was enjoying himself watching it. Lol. Shame on you.

 Level 3

You can find Bob the Builder and also Thomas the train there.
Totally not my type.
They have lots of rides but only applicable for kids. But you may ride on them if you want to.
Just that I am so lazy to queue and fight with the kids. Let them play ba....

Lastly we stopped by their souvenirs shop.
Everything are so expensive.
Even a mechanical pencil cost you RM20.
A notepad about RM10-15.
Worst than vampires sucking humans blood.

 Guess how much does My Melody cost? Almost RM200 okay! O____O
Daylight robbery T__T

The only thing worth buying is the photo as souvenirs.
RM30 per picture or you can buy 3 pictures for RM70 only.

That remarks the end of our adventure in Hello Kitty land.

On our way back, we stop by Johor Premium Outlet.
It's my very first time visiting that  mall.
I love the place. It looks so classy. The only flaws is that, it's hard to get a phone signal -_____-


After shopping

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