Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Big Bad Wolf 2012 (this time it's bigger and bad-er)

This is my very first time to visit the Big Bad Wolf book fair.
This is their fourth year for organizing such event.
It started back from year 2009.
Each and every year, the amount of books for sale are multiplied by two.
The previous year was about 1.5 million, and as you can see, they increased the amount up to 3 million this year.

Which is by far the biggest and craziest book sale ever!

The event starts from 7th to 23rd of December 2012.
The discounts range from 75 to 95% which is totally madness!

It was during one fine Sunday (9th of December 2012) (which is the third day of the event) morning, where I came up with this brilliant yet last minute plan to drive all the way up to Seri Kembangan (well it's not me who drive anyway). I called the bf  in morning to tell him my genius plan :D

Unplanned plan is always the best and thrilling. 

Reading while on the way to the Mines. 

Reading in the car is not a good idea. Because it made me dizzy and feels like throwing up.

With the billboard (ignore the myvi)

We are welcomed with a super hot-sexy Lamborghini with a plate number "WOLF 1"

How cool is that? Can I buy that car on a 95% instead of the books?

The moment I stepped into the hall, I went crazy.
The amount of books made me nuts.
I want to buy ALL of them! *greedy*

The cheapest book cost about RM1.
But most novels cost about RM8 only.

They have fictions, non-fictions, children, graphic novels and lots of other genres.
Oh and they even have Manga and Marvel comics.
How cool is that yo?

Here are some pictures taken on that day itself.

Can you see the amount of crowds?

Let me give u some tips.
Make sure you bring your own travelling bag (the one with the wheels on it) or the market trolley where you put all your groceries on it. Trust me, you will need them in order to ease your burden of carrying all the books.

Be smart like the girl in the picture below.

Look at her luggage bag. hehehe.

(hahaha.. If the world does end, at least we die with knowledge.)

(I love this caption.)

And I found a book specially dedicated to Miss Nicole Lee Hui Ching.

Confessions of a Karaoke Queen.
RM8 only!

Oh My God! I feel that this book is specially printed for Mark and all the boyfriends out there who face the same problem whenever their girlfriend ask them this question "Am I fat?" or "Does this outfit makes me look fat?"

Just give a short and simple answer by saying NO. Or else..... (refer above).
But in my case, even if my boyfriend says NO, I'll tell him "Don't lie".
hahahahaha. Which means, no matter what you say or do, you will eventually die whenever a girl came out with this topic. period.

Good luck guys :D

Manga (all in English version) and it cost about RM3 each! Crazy cheap! 
(Do you know how much does an English version Manga cost normally? It cost about RM30-40 plus per copy okay! Unlike the chinese or malay version of manga. Even without sales, it cost only about RM3 to RM6.)

Free bookmarks

Below are pictures taken from Big Bad Wolf facebook page.
Big Bad Wolf Books

 Fikry bought some Marvel comics. The price range from RM8 to RM25.
Original price cost about RM70 to RM100 a copy.

And these are the outcome of our purchase.
Bought about 30 books in total and the estimated price worth about almost RM3000.
And the best part is that we get all of the books below for RM350 only.

The outcome after 4 hours of book-shopping

So make sure you won't miss this golden opportunity peeps.
What are you waiting for? Jom let's visit the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale now!

The link below is their official website.
For more info, click the link below.

Headed to the Mines and dine in Popeyes before heading back to Melaka.

Tried 6 celcius milk tea and it taste quite good.
 Love the Hokkaido Milk Tea.


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