Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Shine bright like a diamond

Last weekend, Gaya came down to Melaka for a short getaway trip.
It was my very first time meeting her. Although we've known each other through fb/twitter for a year or two (also through Nicole Lee).

Had our dinner in Pak Putra right after my work.
It was a good idea to wear my newly bought sweat shirt in the office but it's a bad idea to dress that way in Pak Putra and also Jonker.
Almost died due to hotness.

Naan and tandori chicken

 haha Mak Cik Nicole's sexy walk.

 Second round dinner in Calanthe

 Hokkaido Milk tea from Ding Tea.
Taste so damn good! Gonna make this my new favorite!
So sorry for the change of taste all the time. lol

 Guo Chen looking good that day. Hmmm... I wonder why :P
As for KM, he sweats just like always.

 Gaya the babe ;)

After Jonker, we went to play pool. I can't remember when was the last time I touched that game.
It was great to be able to play pool again.

Basically that's all. Hope to meet you up again next time babe.
And I really hope you enjoy yourself in Melaka (this tiny little town/state).


The BF and I went to watch LIFE of PI (the last movie I watch was Cold War. Can you imagine how long that was? Gosh!)
The movie was a good one.
It was funny, sad, serious and touching.

I would rate 3.14 out of 5 (if you get the joke).
So it's a MUST WATCH movie okay!

 Dinner in Little Taiwan

Was wearing one of my wedges and it came off while I was walking in the mall.
Oh how embarrassing.

Thank God, Nose are having a year end sales.
Hence, I managed to buy a pair of sandal.

 RM25 after 50%

The rest came to AEON for a movie and we met up for awhile in Starbucks.

 The girl in white (behind Stanley) was Yuki.
hahaha. What a small small world.

Black chiffon top(from Thailand) with Teal chiffon skirt(from Taiwan) and Nose sandal.

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