Monday, December 17, 2012

Clean Pro Express Self-Service Laundry (Melaka Raya)

Self service laundry is a common thing in the Western country.
But when you have that in Malaysia and especially in Melaka, people will go like 'Woooowwwww'.
And being the adventurous couple as always, we decided to try it out.

It is located somewhere around Melaka Raya area.
The good thing is that, it opens 24 hours daily.
How convenient is that right?

Currently, they have 6 units of Washing Machine and 4 units of Drying Machine.
Out of 6 units of Washing Machine, they divided into 2 types according to the weight of clothes.
They have 2 units of 9kg and 4 units of 14kg.

Below are the price list.
It takes 24 minutes to complete washing.
And another 24 minutes for drying.
Which makes it 58 minutes in total. Unless you prefer to dry it yourself at home after washing the clothes here.

The price for drying is RM4 (exclude washing).

They only accept new coins.
Of course they provide a coin machine or else their business will go down to the train.

 Vending Machine

Not only that, they even provide a soap vendor!
All these are meant for rich and lazy people like Mark :P

 RM1 each

 Bought 2 boxes.

 Guide on how to use the Washing Machine.

 The Upper part is the Dryer while the bottom one is the 14kg Washer.

 Washing time!!

 Looks so Japanese to me O___O

 Put in your soap here.

 Camwhoring with the Machine as if never see it before.
*sakai mode on*
Ehh indeed, I've never seen it before!
Rasa macam kat Jepun pula.



 Make sure the amount of clothes does not exceed the blue line or 
else it will reduce the quality of washing.
Which means, it might not be as clean as it is supposed to be.

Guide on how to use the Dryer

 They even provide a FREE WIFI in case you got bored while waiting for the clothes to be done.

Hopefully this post is informative enough for those lazy people out there (malas cuci baju punya orang).

Toodles :)


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