Sunday, December 2, 2012

# 8

Last month, I attended a relative's wedding lunch in Renaissance Hotel.
Most of the people there, I don't recognize at all.
So called relatives. haha. 

Most of them are from the Baba Nyonya society. So, they an speak very well and fluent Bahasa Melayu because that is their mother tongue.
I'm proud to have 25% of the Nyonya blood.

 With ze Bride and a cute little girl as the bridesmaid :P

 Love the theme, color and settings. Simple yet beautiful.

My table number. 8 = Fatt!!

 A small token

 The Wedding Cake!

 Our 8 course dishes

White dress from Niichi and black pumps from Nose.


Two weeks ago, which was on a Friday. I had a steamboat dinner with my secondary school friends in Mr. Joo. It is a newly open Steamboat which is located in Kota Laksamana. Somewhere behind Bei Zhan's restaurant.

I forgot to bring my camera and most of the pictures were taken by my phone. Quality like shit. So no photos to share. (the more reason I should change my phone).
Anyway, my own personal opinion is that, they have a variety of food to choose from which is actually good. But the main problem was that, their soup doesn't taste good at all. So when the soup is not good, hence the food will not taste good too. I hope they will improvise themselves or else that will be my first and the last time visiting. However, I read some other bloggers who rate 8/10. Hmmm....
No idea how but yes that's the rating given.

It was a buffet steamboat style which cost about RM21 per person after tax and service charge.
I'm a very small eater for those who knows me. Unfortunately I don't feel full at all that night. It shows how bad the soup is. Steamboat is all about the soup. The main source of attracting greedy customers.

Their kimchi soup doesn't taste like one at all.

The only thing worth eating was their honey-fried-chicken-drumstick and also the ice creams!

After dinner we headed to Eleven Bistro for a drink. Had a great talk with them although the music was super loud. I think they extended the Bistro to another lot opposite the existing one.


The following day, we had a threesome shopping spree.
Xin Yi and I accompanied Mei Liang to get herself a nice dinner dress for her upcoming company annual dinner.

We saw a number of beautiful dresses and I fell in love with some of it too. Felt like buying but what for? Just to fulfill my shopping desire. hahaha.
But of course I didn't buy any la.

Had a drink in Gong Cha after trying out every single long dresses available in the mall.

Dinner with the girls in Sushi A.

Then I had a second round lepaking session and dinner with the boyfie, Nicole and Mr. Park.
We tried this new POP ZONE which is located by the fountain in Dataran Pahlwan.

Both of them were talking but si Nicole sempat lagi stop and ber-posing when she saw the camera.
But as for Mr. Park....... HAHAHAHAHA!
What pokemon is that?

 We had Cheesy Chicken Chop

 You have to cut the middle part before started eating.

 Just like this. So that the cheese will flow out. *slurps*

Gong Cha again but with another group of friends.

All the girls bought the same shoes but different colors. 
Damn light and cheap lor! RM20 only for this pair of flats. 
Mad cheap right?


Secret Recipe Cakes

Tea time

 Dinner in Breeks. Korean food again. Bimbimbap!

Black multi purpose sexy sleeve top/dress with mini cropped jeans and
new blue flats made in Thailand.

Bought a whitening cream from The Face Shop and got myself some free samples. hahahaha!
I love free gifts/samples. Typical Malaysian.

My current read - based on true story.

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