Monday, May 26, 2014

Singapore - Sentosa

Few days before Easter, we had an impromptu plan for a day trip to Singapore.
It was an unplanned plan.

No doubt a day trip to Singapore could be super tiring but it was worth it for me.

Breakfast at Yong Peng before continuing our journey to Singapore.

We took about 5 hours to reach Sentosa. Got stuck for an hour at the custom -_____________-
By the time we arrived it was almost 12pm.
Half a day gone just like that.

Luckily we did not purchase the USS ticket beforehand.
Won't be able to fully utilized the ticket.
Dah la ticket mahal giler.

A selfie picture with the USS globe is good enough.

With Sher Lyn.

Basically we did nothing much due to the limited time we had.
The only thing we did was walking around Sentosa like a lost child.
And we took couple of pictures for remembrance. (It was my first time visiting Sentosa)

Compulsory jump shot is a must. 
Btw I looked like a cute hamster in this picture (if you can zoom straight to my face)

Sentosa is a very nice place for someone who loves to sit back and relax.

Lots of ang moh hanging out here.

After exploring Sentosa, we decided to go Bugis Street.
Thank God we managed to arrive safely there by MRT.

Had our late lunch in HonGuo.

Food are delicious! Just that after conversion I feel like crying T____T
Malaysia why your currency so jia lat de?

The lil cousin traveled an hour from NUS just to meet up with me. Awww so thoughtful of you.
Miss you Sharon. Wait for my next visit again in the near future.

Did a little shopping in Bugis Street.
Managed to get a pair of skirt :D
Can't go home empty handed.

And since it was almost Easter back then, a shot with an EGG is a must!


Small token from USS and of course the MRT ticket. 

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