Monday, July 23, 2012

Vietnam - Ho Chi Minh/Saigon (War Museum)

Day 1 Part 3 - (3rd July 2012)

We continued exploring by visiting the War Museum.
By the time we arrived there, I was very exhausted.
I was too lazy to walk around and most of the time, I've decided to just sit quietly on a bench while waiting for the rest to gather up.

15,000 Vietnamese dong per person.
Roughly about RM2+ or 1 SGD.

These are drawings drawn by some of the Vietnamese children expressing their thoughts about the war.

After the busy tour, we headed back to the hotel to check in.
Our hotel was a 3 star hotel called Xuan Loc.
It cost only about 40 USD per night.

For more info and if you're interested to book, click the link below.

This hotel is located at a quite strategic area in town.
It is a walking distant to the night market and also to shopping mall and also Baskin Robins ice cream.
All it takes are only about 8 to 15 minutes of walk.

You won't get bored walking because there's a lot of SALOON around that area and all of the girls are wearing superbly SEXY clothes. (No hard feelings to Vietnamese readers, at first I thought those girls were hookers. Turned out to be that they were not.) It's just that, that's how they dress in order to attract customer. Amazingly, they wore color theme clothes everyday. Which means, let's say today is white color, the entire 10 girls will wear white mini dress. Cool right?

The guy students were all crazy over the girls. They kept telling their friends that they need a haircut.
GUYS! pffft!

Anyway, here are some pictures of my room :)

The place we had our breakfast and dinner in the hotel.

After dinner, it was critical thinking session for the students.

They also had a CHAPTEH battle between the sexes.
Male vs Female.

It was very entertaining and funny.
The guys did some BRO cheer for the bros which turned out to be super funny.
The way they practiced was also damn funny.

The guys kept teasing the girls, telling them how bad they are in the game and that they will surely lose to the guys.

All of us kept laughing non stop throughout the night.
It was a fun night :)

That's for Day 1 peeps.

Day 2 were even more challenging for us.
Wait for my upcoming post.

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