Friday, July 27, 2012

Housewarming Party

Two weeks ago, Nicole and her housemates threw a Housewarming party.
Only few lucky ones were selected or invited for the party :P
So I'm considered one of the lucky people.

The party was supposed to be at 7pm.
However the 'kiasu' me arrived at 6pm even though when I knew that Malaysian timing cannot be used.
Which ended up started at 8pm of course :P

But it was fun to be there early because I can steal some food while the rest of them were preparing dinner.
Plus they have a fast internet connection. So the parasite me decided to make full use of their internet. lol.

Note: Credits to Jr for all the pictures. (Stole every single picture from her facebook album)

We had a bucket of mee, bihun, some fried nuggets, sausages, scrambled eggs, french fries and also sandwiches!

 The House Owners

(From left) Karen, QiQi, Jr, Nicole and Chris

That night, we had roughly about 30 people in the house.
After 8pm, they blast their stereo system with all those clubbing songs and Guo Chen brought his super good  and high quality audio system to complete our party mood.

 The hostesses :)

 With Yuki the pretty Japanese girl ;)
Yes she's half Japanese FYI.

 Super big Domokun! I want one too :(
Nicole got it from the Funfair last time.



Can you spot Stanley on the right? The guy that is trying to spin his finger -___-
He's actually doing finger shuffling over there. hahaha!

 My Juniors

 With Stanley the stylo and crazy dude :)

After dinner, that's where the real party started.
They had Vodka, Jack Daniels and Carlsberg.

As you can see the price tag, the liquors were super cheap. That's because they bought it from Langkawi - the duty free island.

Drinking liquor is like drinking mineral water there. Even the soda drinks cost about the same price with carlsberg.

I seriously want to go Langkawi now! Not because of the beer. But the CHOCOLATES!!!!!
*roll on floor crying*

Besides having a housewarming party, we also had a Birthday boy in the house!
It was Kai Choy's 23rd Birthday Celebration as well.

 Kai Choy

 With the Birthday Boy

 Yummy Birthday Cake

 The lucky boy who managed to take a picture with all the pretty girls!

 Group photo :D
But still, many of others were missing.

I had to go home earlier as the crime rate is getting bad to worse.
Hence I left the party at 11pm :(

Managed to camwhore a little bit more before departing.


On my way back home, I went to McD to take away :P
Got myself the Olympic glass collection.

Don't worry, this time I will not collect the complete set like I used to do back then. 



Nicole Lee said...

It's Chris, not Nick! hahah.

ruby said...

hahaha omg!
k i will edit. hahahahaha!

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