Tuesday, July 10, 2012

This and That

Hello everyone!
I've just came back from Vietnam and Singapore.
Finally arrived home safely today.

Miss me? ;)
I miss myself so much :D

This is a quick update from me.
A week before I flew to Vietnam, I managed to hang out with my secondary school friends. They were having their break and some of them has finally graduated too.
We went for a movie - Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter.
The movie was good in my own personal opinion. After movie we headed for satay celup in Capitol and oh my god! They increased the price to RM 0.90 per stick now. Dafuq! I ate 4 sticks and a plate of 'fishball' and a glass of drink which cost me about rm10. Exploited! Plus I don't feel FULL at all. 
However I'm glad that I joined them for a movie and supper. It was a great night :)


I also managed to hang out with 'Mak Cik Nicole'.
It's been quite some time since I last saw her. The last time I saw her was probably during my part time job in KL.

We went to watch Madagascar 3 since we were the only one left who have not watched it yet.
Super outdated.
But guess what? I watched Madagascar twice on the same day itself but with a different accompany.

After all the lepaking session, we continue hanging out at Nicole's new place.
The apartment is nice and it feels like home. haha.

Borrowed this book from her and I managed to finish it within a week despite being busy working 12 hours a day. This book is so addictive. It's a good book I must say.


Had a four days job in Mega Home Fair.
I had a great time working there especially the part where I get to know more new friends.
Overall it was enjoyable.
(get money sure la enjoyable) hahaha!

 Strawberries *hearts*

That's all for today.
Will continue updating my Taiwan post (mak ai... never ending post) and also my Vietnam and Singapore post soon. Muahahaha!
Stay tune all right.

Shall end my post with my muka tak tau malu photo.
Somehow I think I looked super cute in it.
Need a pair of contact lense to make it more cute.
ok bye.

In love with myself. Oh so vain

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