Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Taiwan - Malaysia (Home Sweet Home)

Day 8 (24th May 2012)

The very last day was hectic. We don't have sufficient time to enjoy our lovely breakfast in the hotel as our flight was early in the morning. So by 6.30am we have to depart from the Hotel to the Airport.

Just look at the sky. It was only 6.30am and it was already this bright.

It looks like some ordinary cheap hotel from the outside.
To be honest, the time we arrived that night, I told Mark why does the hotel seems so unglam. He said that it's located in the middle of the town, land very expensive, big spaces equals to big money. Hmm okay good point.

Anyway, although we missed the chance to have our breakfast in the hotel. However the management managed to pack breakfast for us to eat while we're on the way to the Airport.

We had a bottle of apple juice, smoked salmon with bread, muffin cakes, a piece of butter cake, a banana and an apple.

The smoked salmon taste super finger licking good!

 There's about 5 pieces of smoked salmon in it. Slurps!!

An hour later, we arrived Taoyuan Airport and started checking in our luggage.

Hello Kitty T___T 

They have this Hello Kitty theme Check-in Counter okay!
So pink and cute!

After done checking in ourselves, we went for some final shopping in their tax free airport.
Claimed as Tax Free but I feel that it is still expensive.

Lunch in plane

Mark's special meal 

 My meal :)
Spaghetti with fish fillet. Yummz!

Photo with our cute tour guide from Apple Agency.

Once we arrived KLIA, we took a bus to LCCT because there's no bus that can take us all the way back to Melaka. What a bummer!
By the time we arrived LCCT, the 4pm bus has already left.
So we have to take the next bus which was at 6pm.

Spent 2 hours in LCCT really damn boring lor!
Had early dinner in McD and we read books to kill our time.

Heading back to Melaka.

I would rate 8/10 for the entire trip.

Basically my Taiwan post has finally come to an end.

Thank you.
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Anonymous said...

Enjoyed your posts on Taiwan very much.. i'm going for a 8D trip in mid november and found your posts v informative and entertaining :)

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