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Taiwan - Tainan (Tsou Ma-Lai Farm)

Day 4 Part 2 - (20 May 2012)

We departed from Alishan - Chiayi somewhere around 1pm and we arrived exactly at 3.25pm in Tsou Ma-Lai Farm.

 The view

 Arrival - Tsou Ma-Lai Farm

 Went for a short tour/ride around Tsou Ma-Lai Farm.

The place was freaking huge!
It is basically just like a zoo.
Just that they provide some other extra activities such as archery, cycling, bowling and they also provide lodging as well.

We were rushed to their main hall or so called their performance hall to witness the Magic + acrobatic stunts at 3.30pm sharp. We missed the performances by 5 minutes or so.

The best thing about this trip was that Mark was being chosen to be the magician's assistant on stage.
At first, the magician was looking for somebody to assist him. Then he was looking straight at us. But both of us weren't that sure on who was he actually looking at.

Then this stupid Mark kept calling my name. He kept praying that I will be the one that the Magician will choose. Ughhh! Do you know how much I hate it when people called out your name in order for you to be picked? I used to get that too back in University life. When the lecturers asked for an answer, then some smart ass friend of mine will go like ' Rubyyyy~~~~'
Bloody hell!
But thank god normally I am lucky enough not to be chosen. Well you can call that lucky for me. haha!

Back to my initial topic. So the guy approached us and WALAAA!
He pulled Mark's hand and I heard Mark told him this 'Erm but I can't speak chinese'
HAHAHAHAH!! I was laughing so hard at that point of time. WTF? Out of all things, he go tell the fella that one. Ish!
Then the magician replied 'Don't worry, I can't speak chinese too'.
Why are they so cute?

I did took a video record of the entire Magic Performance which was being assisted by Mr Mark. Unfortunately the size of the video was about 350MB. Hence I am too lazy to upload it in Youtube and share it with you guys.

The video was damn funny. You can see how Mark tried to follow whatever stunts/acts the Magician told him to do.

Amazingly that was a real magic! Mark was told to wear a colorful jacket and tied the lady with thick ropes and Mark was the one who tied her up. He said he tied her up with all his might so that the rope wouldn't be that loose. Then both of them were told to enter a piece of cloth where Mark's head and hand will only be shown to the audience while his entire body was covered/hidden in the cloth and that lady was standing behind him with the untied rope and after few seconds. WALLAAA~~

That colorful jacket was taken out from Mark's body and into herself and she was still all tied up.
Even Mark can't explain how does it works.
Magic :)

How I wish I can share it with you guys.
But sorry. I'm just to lazy to upload that big ass size video.

I extra love his expression whenever he is shy.
Once he got down from the stage, I can't stop laughing and looking at him.
You are soooo cute do you know that? Feel like taking a toilet slipper with shit underneath it and slap you in the face just to express my love towards you. hehehe <3

 Photo with the members :)

After the performances, we went to ride a swan.
That was my very first time riding or more to like cycling a swan.
Tiring okay! But I enjoyed it very much because I get to cycle with the fatty boy of mine :)

Eh lawa kasut :P 

We continued with our short tour around the entire farm.
So here's some pictures taken throughout the short tour.

 Cows! But those were fake cows :)



Right after the short tour, we were given our designated room keys to check into our sweet sweet room and to refresh ourselves for the next activity.

There are 4 types of hotel/chalet for us to choose from.
1) Orchid Hall (which is a Hotel)
2) Prairie Villas (chalet)
3) Euro-Style Hotel (no freaking idea but I guess it must be a hotel since it's called the Euro Style HOTEL)
4) Log Cabins (more like a cabin)

Before I went for the trip, I did some self research about this place and I was hoping to get the Prairie Villas.
Luckily God hears my prayer and granted me that Villa.

Orchid Hall 

This Orchid Hall is the most expensive one in the Farm.
Roughly about RM580 a night for 2 single bed or RM680 for 2 queen size bed which are meant for 4 people.

Jeng jeng jeng~

This was our room for the day.
Super love it to the max!
Love their concept. I have always wanted to overnight in such a place since like forever. Finally my dreams were granted :)

Damn nice right?

So this place cost RM480 a night. Since it is a chalet, then you should know something la. You will have brothers and sisters inside as well - Mosquitoes!

Super mad a lot of mosquitoes lor!
I can die!
We on the air conditioner and maximize the volume/temperature to the highest/coldest in order to kill the mosquitoes. Well at least that was what we thought might help to get rid of the damn mosquitoes. Scientifically proven that we are just plain dumb and IQ level way lower than 100.

Cause mosquitoes don't just die like that.
In the end, I took the last resort which was to kill them one by one.
Die you bloody blood suckers!!

Once we took our refreshing shower, we were told to meet up in Orchid Hall as we will be having our dinner there. That is the only place where the restaurant is located.

 Beautiful chandelier 

 At the Lobby

 Decorations in the Hotel

Our delicious dinner!

These dishes were one of the best dinner I ever had.
Thank God I don't have to drink the same soup which I had almost everyday for the past 3 early days in Taiwan.

I love this soup so much. Very delicious.
No idea what was in it. When you're hungry, you won't bother to describe the ingredients and the taste of the food.
If you noticed, I didn't even bother to make a short review or emphasize on the food for the entire trip in Taiwan unlike what I used to/ normally do in my ordinary blog post.
That's because I have no idea what the foods are called and also no freaking idea how much does it cost.
So might as well just shut up and move on to the gist.

This was Mark's dinner as he was put in a separate table from me.
The vegetarian group!

I have no idea why he looks so scary in the picture. As if the vegetables owe him money in real life.
*purposely make the photo extra big just to focus on his face*

Next was D.I.Y time!
I thought do what la.
Rupa-rupa buat manga jeruk.
Not my kind of thing :P
I only know how to eat. hahahaha!

So most of the aunty were busy peeling, cutting, slicing the unripe mangoes and soaked them in a basin of water.

After peeling off the skins, they soaked the mangoes into the basin full of water and ice and they added some 'salt' inside the basin. I think it is salt if I'm not mistaken.

 Here are the lazybum group or known as the - TUKANG MAKAN GROUP 

(only knows how to eat)


The end result after leaving them for about 20-30 minutes.
Taste super good and super sour.
I love sour stuffs. Makes me go gu-gu-ga-ga all the time. hehehe.

We tried this GRASS ICE CREAM. Hell yeah! 100% grass okay!
Those grass were the grass used in order to feed the cows.
Now I know how it feels like to be a cow. Mooo~

The taste was quite awful.
Well, at least I tried a grass ice cream.
Proud to tell you folks about it.

Both of these drinks taste superb!
Owhh and I love C.C Lemon so much. Cost about RM2.50 - 3.00 only after conversion.
And guess what? Last week when I was in Pavillion, I saw this same exact drink with the same exact size in one of those shops selling Japanese/Korean food and they are selling it for about RM8 to RM12 per bottle (can't really recall the exact price).
Mother of all Gods!

 Dog Pig is man's Mark's best friends

Karaoke jamming session right after D.I.Y activity. Both of us only be there just to show some respect. LOL!
Like WTF? Respect? hahaha. But yeah that's what we thought of. It feels so rude to ignore that activity even if we both despise karaoke so much. So we sat there for half an hour listening to the other tour members singing happily. My God! They can sing very well lor.


Felt so lost in there. So we decided to head back to our room and sleep.

Overall I had a very enjoyable day and all those memories are still running fresh right in my mind as I am blogging here right now.

Here's the price list for the Hotel's in Tsou Ma-Lai Farm.

To end my post, I present you their sexy bums  :)

Boom shakalaka~

I know you want me~
You know I want ya~

Till then. Wait for my next post :)
Please don't get bored with my Taiwan post.
I'm enjoying every single bit of it to the max.

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