Monday, November 29, 2010

Status: Away for a week or two

I miss u all T___T
I've got gazzillions of stories to blog about but unfortunately my computer died. It kept restarting non stop. So that is why i'm unable to blog around =(

I am posting this post by using my phone.

Oh mai gawd!
Technology nowadays are fukin sophisticated madness! However blogging with a 2-3 inch big screen is a pain in the ass.

Oh well. Just hope that I will be able to be back on track with my internet life. Like I said, my life will be imperfect if I couldn't online for at least 30mins a day. For the past few days, my life was a total bitch..

Oh well, I should stop now. My fingers hurt so much by typing here.

Do wait for my upcoming post okay. It's gonna be a long post, I promise.

Till then. Xoxo

Ps: I can't imagine that I typed pretty long for a short update post. Fuh! Power I AM :p hehehe..

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Simple yet so hard

Ever since my new semester started I've been very very busy almost every day. I'm so used to with my life where I rotted in front of my computer all day long watching animes. Therefore this changes eventually effect a part of me.

So it was Saturday and it was supposed to be the day for me to stay at home enjoying my life resting in my room with nothing much to worry except for midterms but that's not the case. I know I'm not as busy as other people but still I'm out of my comfort zone therefore I can be emotional very easily.

So like I said, it was Saturday yesterday and it was the day where I'm supposed to use it 'wisely' such as studying *ehem* as if I can. Well okay maybe not that, but still it is Saturday :P
Plus I'm having 2 midterms this coming Friday and another 2 the following week. Screw my life :(
And I haven't even touch a single thing. I wonder how am I supposed to cope up with all the studying.
To make things worst, its the 6 week starting from tomorrow onwards. Damn! Time do fly super fast this semester :(

So I woke up at 8.30am just to visit campus (I would love to stay away from campus as much as I can) to meet up with the Statutes supplier. Yeah you might be wondering, who the hell deals with this kinda stuffs on Saturday la right?
Especially me who stays 10km away from campus and imagine driving there for the sole purpose of distributing the Statutes for charity sake! Oh boy talking about it makes my blood all boiled up. Thank God the guys were there to help me to carry all the Statutes or else I swear I am gonna leave the books by the roadside and just walk away.

Thanks to Kai Choy especially. For carrying all the heavy books into my car T________T
I don't know what I will do if you were not there to help me :(
Thanks a lot dear :)

So I was in campus from 11.10am up to 2pm. Just to wait for students to take their Statutes. Haiizzz you see la. How pity I was. The weather was freaking hot and I was sweating like crazy and to add my misery, I need to go campus again at 4pm+ to deliver Statutes again for another group of people. So right after 2pm, I went Jusco for lunch. I was very very hungry at that time and I was shaking okay. Imagine sitting under the hot weather thinking of how to carry the Statutes really made me hungry.

 To treat my poor little tummy, we went to have Steamboat for lunch :D

The mutton tasted so good I tell you!
I had curry while the unknown fella had tom yam. The tom yam was good T___T
ps: unknown fella is being unknown coz I don't feel like revealing 'its' name

After lunch we slack there for awhile and off we went back to Campus at 4.10pm. FML!
Waited there until almost 5pm just to deliver the Statutes again. Think I so free izit. haiz.
Right after that we drove down town hoping to do something fun but ended up got nothing better else to do. Owhh I did saw something fun which ables to make my day but unfortunately I'm unable to get cool vest from Kitschen. Its RM 79.90 only T______________T but I am far too broke to buy it for myself.

So because of that I got emo again :(

Showing sad and sympathetic face can't get any sympathy from 'it'
So I went back empty handed :(
Contributes to my sucky day. I hate going back home empty handed :(

Then we headed to MITC for the EKSPO FAIR that was being held there. Wow there were crazy lots of people and most of the exhibitions were furniture. Of course la I won't be able to shop there. All cost few thousands and above T______________________T
but there's a shop where they sell wigs and hair extensions though. I wanted to stop there but was too shy for getting a bad impression from some random lame passers by o.O
Later they thought I bald and need those stuff T______________________T
I'm not bald okay. My hair damn thick berkilo-kilo berat nyer.

Should I get a hair cut? You don't have to answer my question.
Even if you give me an answer I will come up with 1001 reasons/excuses to defeat your answer.
Yes i am lame like that :)

So overall I am not enjoying my day except for my lunch :)

Here's some updates on my boyfriend.
I miss him so much T__________________________T
He transforms into a cutie to a macho man :P
Owhh and he has teeth now :D

OH MY GOD!!!! How cute is that? Round juicy headed baby monster. His hair had grown. He was baby baldy before this. hahahahaha let me find a picture of him when he was bald.

Ahh here it is when he was baby baldy :D
Looks like a baby junior monk. hahahaha

Can't wait to see you soon boyfie *hearts*

Gotta run peeps.

Friday, November 19, 2010

So contradicting

Oh hai :)

I had a very bad day due to oh-you-know-who. From one people, it gets to 10 people. How many people do you wanna drag them in, into your miserable messed up life until you are satisfied?

Do learn from your mistakes and improve it. Or else you'll be in a very big trouble in the future. I don't kid you!

I knew I said that you'll never see my face again in any cafe or restaurant in my previous post right? Which was on Wednesday. And yes I did as what I promised which lasted for a day :D
Can't blame me mah... Windmill is opening near MMU today, so as a good customer *ehem* I must show some support mah.

haha okay actually it's just for the sake of the air conditioner. Freaking hot okay today.

So Kai choy is my date today since stupid Mark was busy sleeping at home like a fat ugly pig!!!

I bumped into quite a number of friends in the restaurant. Kai Choy and I decided to join Pei yan and Guo Chen. haha sorry for spoiling your dating moment :P

 The interior and surroundings are quite good. The space are quite big too. Can fit roughly about 100 guests or more.

The food served was kinda fast too. So if you are starving like mad, make sure you'll go there for lunch/dinner cause you don't have to wait that long before you are able to feast :)

I had tom yam rice as shown in the picture above. Sedap~
But spicy coz i ate the cili padi T____T
And it is only RM 7.90 wei!!!!

It comes along with a bowl of soup and also a glass of lime juice. So RM 7.90 is considered quite reasonable lor!

The place got air conditioner some more okay!!! This shall be my new hang out place. Hmm but still McD more cheaper la hor? During lunch hour. RM6.20 only.

After lunch, we went to Law Library and rot there. Just me rotting where as KC busy reading the newspaper.
So I tried my very best to read the papers as well. I went to look for the shares price in the Bursa Saham page as Mr Tay told us to take some time looking through them. Hmmm okay I seriously don't know how to see but if I'm not mistaken Allianz Insurance something something has the highest value which is 3.6++ per share I guess.

So if you wanna invest in shares, go buy that share okay. hahahahahah!
Don't blame me if it wasn't a good share yea.

After class went to some chinese shop to accompany Nicole for lunch. Then we went to Jusco for some shopping!!! Yes I know I shouldn't be shopping since I am broke like mad :(
But who knows I ended up spending like mad again today T_____________________T

We spend like half an hour inside STAGE trying out the eye liners and kept asking the sales girl a million questions. hahahahahaha!!!

LOL!!! That's me trying to clean my eyes with the cotton bud coz eye liner smeared on me :(
FML!! One of the reason why I could not apply an eye liner. Second reason was because my eyes damn freaking small. Eye lids from the inner part of my eyes hence applying eye liner won't bring much difference to me cause ended up also cannot see. FML kuasa dua!!!

See la... Cannot see one T_______________T need to apply super GAO only can see lor. Sigh!!!!

Ended up Nicole and I bought the eye liner :)

Okay I shall start eating grass and sand now.
Till then.

Blogged by,
Miss Forever Broke :)

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Broke but happy :)

This month is a terrible month for me. Money feng shui ain't that good. Besides that our currency is getting smaller. RM50 is just like RM5.

Just in a blink of an eye, you've spend like RM50 on like what? Nothing! You can't even imagine what and how you spend your RM50.

On Monday I spend RM20 to refuel my petrol, RM10 for top up and then another RM10 for friend's sake thingy and basically about RM5 for my brunch. Sigh... RM50 gone just in a day. FML!

So on Monday, our Law Night Director helped my division to sell breads. Hahahah! Now only you know how hard it is to sell bread right!! Not easy to seduce guys to buy lor T________________T

I had a great fun that day because apparently my GF, Jason wee came to help us too and he seriously got the talent to sell breads to random guys!! GUYSSS WEII GUYS!!!

He seriously got the talent lor.

Law Night Director vs Chinese Language Society Director.

It says, STOP and BUY mah bread damnit! :P

We managed to sell 100 breads and thanks to all that gave me a helping hand. I appreciated it much. Really :)
Without you guys/girls I don't think I can make it all by myself.

Later at night, there's a Birthday Party at Mei Liang's house and she's the main character for that night :)

Leng lui worrr hahahaha :)

The tradition for every Birthday girl/boy.
Thank God I did not organize a birthday party or else I'm so gonna get this kinda face :)

Well her condition was considered not bad. There are some mean friends who will eventually push your whole head towards the cake when you were actually trying to pull the candle out with your teeth. That is totally mean. But still not as mean as my other friends who brought several eggs to throw at the birthday boy and later on throw flour on him -____________-

Zomg!!! I will curse and break my friendship with any of you if you ever do that to me. I SWEAR!!! And I promise you that I will come up with an even more horrible ideas to revenge on you for your next Birthday. *evil laughs*

So don't mess with me. Instead you could buy me 10 carat diamond ring for my Birthday and trust me I will love you until death do us apart :P

Poh Huat doing some XXX act. hahahahahahaha!

What are you trying to do la Chiew? lala pose? omg so lala lor you :)

We had buffet and BBQ and there's also liquors served. hah!
So chinese style of party. This is what I'm talking about yoh! No liquor no talk (as if la i got drink)
Nice food. Seriously damn nice :)

I went back earlier because I got like damn crazy mad load of work which were undone. I didn't get to eat the BBQ chicken coz I was too full and it was about 10pm+ already. Kinda late liao plus super sleepy.

Anyways Happy 21st Birthday Mei Liang :)

May all your wishes come true. Hope you love the perfume we gave you. hehehe.
Lotsa love Ruby.


Tuesday is another crazy money flow day. hahaha...

Had my lunch in Ixora food court and dinner in KFC and a drink in Mori which cost about RM20.
Then went to old Jusco for some shopping. Yes i shop for PENS!!!!!

Bought 3 pens and 1 refiller. Haiz... why la pens also damn expensive one? I just realized that my pencil case is full with Pilot pens o.O

Most of it out of ink already coz I've been using it like mad. 1 newly bought pen can be only used for 5 booklets with 16 pages. I tried before. During final exam, 5 papers consumed at least 1 whole pen. hahahaha tu pun tulis tak sampai 16 muka surat per subject. Now you know! You think study law very cheap? need to buy ink and pen okay! Super mahal lor T___________________T

Owh and last but not least I would love to introduce my new family member. Meet Miss pinkylolly.

From today onwards you will never ever see my face again eating in any fast food restaurant and also any cafe. I am going to diet until the end of the month. Okay night!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Finally its over bebeh :D

So I'm done with my mooting crapz shiatz!

We lost the case but my partner got the best oralist.
Oh well at least we did our best.

It wasn't as scary as I thought it would be. hehehehe
I was super happy that it has finally come to an end. No need to gan jeong about being tembak from the judge.

Here's a picture of me and my moot partner. teehee

By the time the judgment was given, it was about 4pm and it ends around 4.10pm I guess.
Headed to Ixora food court to accompany Jeff for a late brunch. Then accompany another group of people which consist of Stanley, Boon Keong, Danny, Mark, Li Han, Kin Ming and Brendan for lunch but ended up Mark and I cabut dulu. We planned to meet up in Jusco for lunch as Ixora food court only have 1 stall selling food. Very limited choices. Knowing Stanley's attitude, he asked Mark and I to go first and he will catch us up later but being TYPICAL stanley. He ffk us -______-

So it's just us. Two of us. We walked aimlessly from MP to DP and from DP to new Jusco and from Jusco to Tesco. hahahahaha

We went Tesco just to buy ice cream even when it was raining heavily outside o.O

The ice cream is very nice :D
Considered quite cheap la. RM19 for 6. After dividing it, it cost like RM3+ each only.

Few days ago, we went to eat the XXL chicken and that was the very first time Mark tried it.
He ate it like a small kid.

Plus I didn't know Boon Keong has a very big appetite. hahaha. Don't judge a book by its cover.

Till then.

Signing off by,

OMG look like pinkaholic chinese ghost!


Sorry for the fat face.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Afraid not

It's almost 8pm now and it's the time for the 2010 Mooting's competiton :D
I can feel the participants heart pounding madly all the way from MMU.

Okay, today I am laughing at them but sooner or later it's my turn to laugh at myself T______________T
Well Good Luck all. It's just a mooting. You won't get any greds or cgpa for it. Don't worry if u screw it, in fact just screw it! hahaha okay joking :P

No matter what, do your best all right. Now it's my turn to start preparing for my own written submission.
I had a very bad feeling about this. What if the judge questioned me even before I started introducing myself? Seriously it will be a totally fucked up life lor. I predicted that my submission will be only 1 pages long and it will only take me about 1 or 2 minutes to eventually finish reading it all. I can feel that the remaining 28 minutes is gonna be a living hell where I will kena tembak non stop from machine gun and lastly the closing ceremony which will be a bazooka. Suffer slow and steadily.

Some pictures from my previous outing :)

By the way, when I was about to leave home to campus, it started to rain heavily :(
and this is the weather which I have been looking for TO SLEEP lor!!! Damn it!

Throughout the whole lecture and tutorial classes today, I felt super sleepy and I can't really concentrate in class. Blame the weather T_________________________T

By the way, for the upcoming funding project, I'm going to sell facial mask starting from tomorrow onwards.
RM3 per piece and RM10 for 4 pieces. Please buy okay? The surroundings are very smokey and dirty. You need to protect your skin by using a facial mask. Your face needs more love and care from you.

Do not abandon your face because everyone is pretty just that you make yourself ugly by not taking good care of it. So conclusion is please buy 4 pieces. Use it at least once a week or twice a week. So 4 pieces of mask is sufficient enough to maintain your face for a month.

RM10 a month is cheap okay. Please don't be so stingy! heheehehehe.
Guys out there, make sure you buy as well because girls personally hate guys with rough face.
For me I love guys with smooth face *ehem*
That is why I molested 'somebody's' face everyday without failed. Oh wait, I failed to molest that face today :(

I'll stop here for now. Am going to do my written submission for my Mooting. Pray for me so that I won't get screwed badly. Amitabha.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Choc dip mallow

4 days ago I've been working in MITC for the ECOM Fair again :)
It was tiring okay. I hurt my thighs since Friday and as a result I couldn't even walk properly.

Well I personally thinks that he looks sort of like Ming Dao, my taiwan celebrity crush *hearts*
Just that Ming Dao is more good looking la of course :P

The nose and eye brows looked pretty alike. hahahaha. but the eyes totally not.

During the 4 days of work, we had McD and Pizza for lunch. The remaining days we had various types of food and the suckiest one was Nasi goreng from a malay stall in MITC which cost RM6 which has nothing inside except nasi goreng, cili padi, 2-3 small keping sotong, 2 tiny piece of chicken which is super tiny, tinier than my finger nails o.O and also 1 fried egg. Gosh! Exploited to the max wtf!

By the way today my group managed to sell 100 pieces of bread for the fund raising project :)

Do buy marshmallow from me tomoro all right.

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