Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Broke but happy :)

This month is a terrible month for me. Money feng shui ain't that good. Besides that our currency is getting smaller. RM50 is just like RM5.

Just in a blink of an eye, you've spend like RM50 on like what? Nothing! You can't even imagine what and how you spend your RM50.

On Monday I spend RM20 to refuel my petrol, RM10 for top up and then another RM10 for friend's sake thingy and basically about RM5 for my brunch. Sigh... RM50 gone just in a day. FML!

So on Monday, our Law Night Director helped my division to sell breads. Hahahah! Now only you know how hard it is to sell bread right!! Not easy to seduce guys to buy lor T________________T

I had a great fun that day because apparently my GF, Jason wee came to help us too and he seriously got the talent to sell breads to random guys!! GUYSSS WEII GUYS!!!

He seriously got the talent lor.

Law Night Director vs Chinese Language Society Director.

It says, STOP and BUY mah bread damnit! :P

We managed to sell 100 breads and thanks to all that gave me a helping hand. I appreciated it much. Really :)
Without you guys/girls I don't think I can make it all by myself.

Later at night, there's a Birthday Party at Mei Liang's house and she's the main character for that night :)

Leng lui worrr hahahaha :)

The tradition for every Birthday girl/boy.
Thank God I did not organize a birthday party or else I'm so gonna get this kinda face :)

Well her condition was considered not bad. There are some mean friends who will eventually push your whole head towards the cake when you were actually trying to pull the candle out with your teeth. That is totally mean. But still not as mean as my other friends who brought several eggs to throw at the birthday boy and later on throw flour on him -____________-

Zomg!!! I will curse and break my friendship with any of you if you ever do that to me. I SWEAR!!! And I promise you that I will come up with an even more horrible ideas to revenge on you for your next Birthday. *evil laughs*

So don't mess with me. Instead you could buy me 10 carat diamond ring for my Birthday and trust me I will love you until death do us apart :P

Poh Huat doing some XXX act. hahahahahahaha!

What are you trying to do la Chiew? lala pose? omg so lala lor you :)

We had buffet and BBQ and there's also liquors served. hah!
So chinese style of party. This is what I'm talking about yoh! No liquor no talk (as if la i got drink)
Nice food. Seriously damn nice :)

I went back earlier because I got like damn crazy mad load of work which were undone. I didn't get to eat the BBQ chicken coz I was too full and it was about 10pm+ already. Kinda late liao plus super sleepy.

Anyways Happy 21st Birthday Mei Liang :)

May all your wishes come true. Hope you love the perfume we gave you. hehehe.
Lotsa love Ruby.


Tuesday is another crazy money flow day. hahaha...

Had my lunch in Ixora food court and dinner in KFC and a drink in Mori which cost about RM20.
Then went to old Jusco for some shopping. Yes i shop for PENS!!!!!

Bought 3 pens and 1 refiller. Haiz... why la pens also damn expensive one? I just realized that my pencil case is full with Pilot pens o.O

Most of it out of ink already coz I've been using it like mad. 1 newly bought pen can be only used for 5 booklets with 16 pages. I tried before. During final exam, 5 papers consumed at least 1 whole pen. hahahaha tu pun tulis tak sampai 16 muka surat per subject. Now you know! You think study law very cheap? need to buy ink and pen okay! Super mahal lor T___________________T

Owh and last but not least I would love to introduce my new family member. Meet Miss pinkylolly.

From today onwards you will never ever see my face again eating in any fast food restaurant and also any cafe. I am going to diet until the end of the month. Okay night!

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