Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Look in my eyes

Time passes really fast this semester T______________T
It has been the 3rd week of the sem already.

I know I should not complain about how busy I was but still I wanna complain here T____T
I AM SOOO BUSY like seriously!!!!

Oh well here's gonna be a quick post. Gonna make it quick coz I have to go campus soon to buy bread and sell them out later o.O


Last Sunday, went out with Alex for fun :)
It's just that I love to hang out with him coz he owns a DSLR. hahahahaha :P

I'm too lazy to upload the rest because I'm running out of time. Will post others when I'm free. Only if I'm free :)

In the evening, went for a dinner with Mark.

We went to SAN RAMEN as they are having an opening promotion.

 I had this dunno what ramen for only RM3.90 omgwtfdamnsupercheaplikemad! The original price is RM13.90 or 14.90. The price will be back to normal soon. So we are damn lucky right. Save RM10 :)

It was so delicious. The chicken super tender T___________________T and the soup omg nice.


Tuesday was super hectic with fund raising project. Sold fruits and shit happens. Unexpectedly to get quite a number of rotten fruits hence, the profit was not up to what I'm expecting for.

Tuesday was even more hectic with classes and fund raising project. Sold bread in the morning and fruits at the very last minute at night. Thank God we managed to sell off all 30 packets of fruits within 20 minutes. hahahahahahaha *prouds*

Right after Company Law's class we headed to Tesco and Jusco to get some baking chocolate and also marshmallow for our project.

Someone being rich, bought a packet or raspberry which cost RM19 and ended up doesn't want to eat. hahaha I wonder who is that bugger.

All right then. Time for me to go. Adios.

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