Friday, November 19, 2010

So contradicting

Oh hai :)

I had a very bad day due to oh-you-know-who. From one people, it gets to 10 people. How many people do you wanna drag them in, into your miserable messed up life until you are satisfied?

Do learn from your mistakes and improve it. Or else you'll be in a very big trouble in the future. I don't kid you!

I knew I said that you'll never see my face again in any cafe or restaurant in my previous post right? Which was on Wednesday. And yes I did as what I promised which lasted for a day :D
Can't blame me mah... Windmill is opening near MMU today, so as a good customer *ehem* I must show some support mah.

haha okay actually it's just for the sake of the air conditioner. Freaking hot okay today.

So Kai choy is my date today since stupid Mark was busy sleeping at home like a fat ugly pig!!!

I bumped into quite a number of friends in the restaurant. Kai Choy and I decided to join Pei yan and Guo Chen. haha sorry for spoiling your dating moment :P

 The interior and surroundings are quite good. The space are quite big too. Can fit roughly about 100 guests or more.

The food served was kinda fast too. So if you are starving like mad, make sure you'll go there for lunch/dinner cause you don't have to wait that long before you are able to feast :)

I had tom yam rice as shown in the picture above. Sedap~
But spicy coz i ate the cili padi T____T
And it is only RM 7.90 wei!!!!

It comes along with a bowl of soup and also a glass of lime juice. So RM 7.90 is considered quite reasonable lor!

The place got air conditioner some more okay!!! This shall be my new hang out place. Hmm but still McD more cheaper la hor? During lunch hour. RM6.20 only.

After lunch, we went to Law Library and rot there. Just me rotting where as KC busy reading the newspaper.
So I tried my very best to read the papers as well. I went to look for the shares price in the Bursa Saham page as Mr Tay told us to take some time looking through them. Hmmm okay I seriously don't know how to see but if I'm not mistaken Allianz Insurance something something has the highest value which is 3.6++ per share I guess.

So if you wanna invest in shares, go buy that share okay. hahahahahah!
Don't blame me if it wasn't a good share yea.

After class went to some chinese shop to accompany Nicole for lunch. Then we went to Jusco for some shopping!!! Yes I know I shouldn't be shopping since I am broke like mad :(
But who knows I ended up spending like mad again today T_____________________T

We spend like half an hour inside STAGE trying out the eye liners and kept asking the sales girl a million questions. hahahahahaha!!!

LOL!!! That's me trying to clean my eyes with the cotton bud coz eye liner smeared on me :(
FML!! One of the reason why I could not apply an eye liner. Second reason was because my eyes damn freaking small. Eye lids from the inner part of my eyes hence applying eye liner won't bring much difference to me cause ended up also cannot see. FML kuasa dua!!!

See la... Cannot see one T_______________T need to apply super GAO only can see lor. Sigh!!!!

Ended up Nicole and I bought the eye liner :)

Okay I shall start eating grass and sand now.
Till then.

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