Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Malaysia - Perak - Gopeng (Gua Tempurung)

Ipoh, Perak is a lovely, clean and small town. I'm in love with this place.
I wouldn't mind residing here.

They said Old Town White Coffee was originally originated from Ipoh, Perak.
Our very first mission was to look for it. While we were on our way searching for Old Town, we bumped into Tharshini who was on her way out from court. Amirul shouted her name while we were across the street, inside our car. The expression given by her was ONE IN A MILLION!

She was like 'who the fuck is that asshole calling me' while staring at Amirul.
After 5 to 10 seconds she finally realized that it was Amirul and burst out laughing.
You should just look at her facial expression. Damn priceless! Amirul almost cried because she couldn't recognized him at all.

I don't blame her. Who would have thought that you could randomly bumped into your friends at the roadside, especially it's in Perak.

Our first stop was at the so called original Old Town. We were given the wrong information from Amirul's 'online research'. Shame on you. Luckily Tharshini's boss gave us direction to the REAL OLD OLD TOWN.

This is the original OLD TOWN for your information.

Unfortunately, we didn't manage to take our brunch there as the food served was non-halal.
Instead, we headed to M.Salim which is located at Jalan Yang Kalsom & Jalan Che Tak.

One of the Mamak shop that was also introduced by Lonely Planet.
The food was just okay for me. Not a big deal.

Once we were done with brunch, we headed off to Gua Tempurung for an adventure!
Gua Tempurung is located somewhere around Gopeng. Roughly about less than 30km away from Ipoh.
Gopeng is a well-preserved former tin-mining outpost, and you can find great adventures around that area such as rafting, caving, trekking and other outdoor activities.
We opted for CAVING!

We arrived around 1pm - which was rather late.

Price list and descriptions.

There are 4 types of adventures.
1) Golden Flowstone - which is dry and takes about 40 minutes to complete (back and forth)
2) Top Of The World - also a dry adventure which takes about 1 hour and 45 minutes.
3) Top Of The World & Short River Adventure - a wet adventure and takes roughly 2 hours and 30 minutes.
4) Grand Tour - the most challenging adventure where you'll get totally wet and it takes 3 hours and 30 minutes to complete.

We didn't bring any extra clothes, so we couldn't take the wet adventure, besides that we reached pretty late, the wet adventure is time consuming and it closes at 3.30pm.

Reluctantly, we opted for Top Of The World.

All pictures are without editing, and still the pictures of the cave looks so beautiful.

After walking for quite a distance, we suddenly bumped into Nicole.
OMG! Nicole Lee you've actually been here before. I'm so proud of you babe. lol

Our trip is incomplete without you. Nak je appear in our eyes. Tsk tsk!
So here's a picture with Nicole :D

Amirul and Nicole.

She once told me that our vacation  picture will not be complete without her face in it. hahahahahahahahaha!! Confidence level 999999999.
I actually have to agree with her for once. Tengok lah.... dalam gua pun boleh terserempak dengan dia.

God's creation is so beautiful 
(of course I'm not referring to Amirul - the guy spotted on the left)

 After exploring the magnificent gua tempurung, we tried the FLYING FOX!! Weee~

 Excited face. Can't believe that we've done/explored/adventured/tried so many things together :)
And I hope we will explore even more in the future until the end of our life - together.

 It's not that high and the distance was quite short. I had fun although it was for a very short period.
Looking forward to try flying fox again in some other location with a better height and distance.

 I almost got a mini heart attack when I thought that I was going to bang that thing in front of me.

 Motionless boy.

 Happy boy.

 Sorry Mirul, gambar blur. Out of focus and it's the only shot taken.

 Next was Archery!

 Then it was time for Paintball. Just that, we don't shoot other members, 
instead we have to aim on bottles. Btw, what's with your look Amirul? lol

The package for all of the above are inclusive of Top Of The World cave adventure, Flying Fox adventure, Archery and Paintball for the price of RM28 per person only! It's a good deal I must say. We enjoyed it very much.

For further information, do visit www.guatempurung.com

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