Saturday, January 21, 2012

1 Malaysia Book Voucher (BB1M)

This is like the hottest news among students lately whereby everyone was busy collecting their BB1M in their respective colleges/universities/schools. So the government had came up with this new brilliant idea whereby they are going to sponsor students RM200 book vouchers every year starting from this year. Sad to say that this will be my first and the last year ever to receive such privilege.


For the very first time, I am complementing the government for such a brilliant idea. This helps to encourage us - Malaysians to read more since most of us are too lazy to read and most importantly is that the books here are too expensive. Students can't afford to buy them. Even if they afford to, they would prefer to buy something else.

Anyway I've got mine.
This is how the voucher looks like.

There are 4 pieces of it which amounted to RM200.

To tell you honestly, I was pretty excited about it. Can't sleep for the first day because I kept thinking of what to buy. I'm pretty sure that some of you are as excited as I do right?

So few days back, we visited Popular. That's the first time ever in my life to see such a number of people in Melaka's bookstore. You don't go around bookstores in Melaka seeing people reading or visiting the bookstores. I do visit the bookstores often. At least once a week. Just that I don't buy books.

By looking at the amount of people, the line to the counter was madness. So I didn't buy anything there and we drove to MPH instead.

Thank God MPH was rather empty, therefore I don't have to struggle in order to pay for my items.

There's limited choices in Melaka. How I wish I'm in KL right now.
I only managed to get myself Marie Claire magazine and also Chicken Soup for the Soul: Devotional Stories for Tough Timers.

The good news is that, it comes along with a free cup. 
It was an Eco Cup. Quite heavy too.

And I had A&W for dinner that day.
I missed the root beer with floats so much. It brings back the good old memories. I used to drink this every single time right after my swimming practices back then.


 As for today, my friends and I went to watch Underworld Awakening. The movie was quite good. The only thing I love about it was the graphic and also the fighting scenes. The way she killed her enemies was as brutal as always. Blood being splashed madly. However the damn cinema cut some of the scenes. Those brutal parts of the scene. For God sake, the movie was meant for 18 years and above. Why do you have to censor it?

After the movie, we went for book-shopping in Popular :)
And below are my latest purchase.
Bought 2 novels and a comic by Gempak Starz production. Had been aiming this since long time ago.
It's a very stupid, funny and disgusting comic in Bahasa Malaysia version.
It is a special compilation from 5 episodes. I might consider getting episode 6 onwards. They are in color version unlike this one which is in black and white version. If you are interested to read their comic without buying it, you can do so by reading it through their facebook fan page.

If only someone is willing to sponsor me RM200 every month for books. Wouldn't that be great?

Okay. It's 3.30 in the morning and I shall head to bed now.
Good night peeps :)

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Love Bites

Hello everyone :)

So sorry for being a lazy bum lately. I noticed that i only updated my blog twice every single month.
My new year resolution is to blog less and start living a more productive lifestyle. haha!

Anyway, the reason for my laziness was not only based on purely laziness but also with business.
Thank God there's a little extra space for me to actually breathe right now since I'm done with all my assignments and stuffs relating to class. It's almost the end of the semester and there's only several class left before we called it a break. Going to have my final exams just right after Chinese New Year.

How to celebrate CNY without stress lah?
I don't think I'll be able to enjoy my CNY celebration.

Hopefully everything goes well for my final exam. Don't want to screw things up. 5 months more to go before I can officially leave the status as a student.

So that's it for the introductory part :)



Went down town to watch Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows
The movie was good.

Tried this new bubble milk tea which is newly open in Dataran.

Mark ordered this chocolate drink and it looks very special to both of us.
The topping was cheese flavored sprinkled with some coco powder. For the first sip it might taste pretty weird and yuck but once you took couple of sips, it actually turned out to be nice.
But still I will not order it for the second time because it is too fattening. hahaha.

 Awww so cute ;)

Camwhoring with the traffic beneath me. haha.

I used to love Melaka for the smooth and empty roads but somehow people are getting richer despite the fact that our economy is getting worst. Cars everywhere, anywhere and anytime. Depress max!



Lepaking session with the bunch of guys.
Mark, Nizam, Danial, Haasyief, Ku Mohd Afiq, Amirul and Jason Wee.

I really love hanging out with them because their topics normally very 'PANAS'
All about the latest issues and current state affairs.
Since I don't read the papers, so by listening to their conversation, I can actually learn something.

Jason forever with his unique hentai caption Tees.



Had class almost the entire day.
I really hate Tuesday. That's because I'm having class from 12pm to 10pm.

However thank God I had a great dinner which managed to ease my sadness (thinking of the class).
I'm a big fan of Sushi King. I think I went there at least once a week whenever there's class.

So this time I tried this new dish. Can't remember what's the Japanese name but if we called it in ala-Malaysia-style, then it is known as Nasi Pataya. But this one is not rice underneath the egg. It's a Mee Pataya. hahahahaha!

RM16.90 a set and I think it's not worth the money lor. Since I'm paying that much just to eat Mee covered with omelette, I kept telling myself  'omg this is nice. so nice. very nice'.



Went to Secret Recipe for some dessert. It's been awhile since I last ate SR's cakes.
Typing this post at this hour is making me hungry :(

During the night Mark, Kai Choy, Haasyief and I went to the Opposition Party's talk located at Bukit Baru.
Most of the speakers were very good and funny.
The amount of supporters were quite good. I think there's at least more than 1k supporters who went there that night.

Anwar reached pretty late that night. Roughly about 11pm plus and the moment he arrived, a big round of applause was given by the crowd and everyone cheered for him.

The speech given by him was very entertaining.
It has been a great experience for me and my friends.
That was the first time I attend for a talk with my friends.

Besides that, at that night itself, the BN party was having a speech at the same exact location but located several miles away. However the crowd there wasn't as much as we were expecting. Roughly about 100 people only but the next day in Sin Chiew's newspaper reported that there's about 300 people. Oh well, that means either one of us sucks in Maths then :)



Had to wake up at 6am for my 8am class and due to the talk which I attended to the previous night, I only managed to reach home around 1 plus and slept around 2 plus. The following day was a torture for me.
Imagine having less than 4 hours of sleep and to make things worst, you have to be in fully formal the next day for 8am class. What a pain in the ass.

I think I died in class. Brain wasn't functioning at all. Couldn't even absorb a single thing my lecturer taught.

Anyway, after class I'm supposed to be dead as well but somehow I managed to survive until night and I even got the extra energy to do some shopping for my CNY.

Went to town looking for the perfect shoes and clothes but it disappoints me :(
I noticed that each and every time when I'm filthy rich and when I have the intention of buying clothes, normally the clothes sucks big time -_____-

So that's what happened to me that day.
Nothing attracts my attention and mostly it looks ridiculous. How can a girl even wear that in the first place?

So ended up I managed to get a pair of jeans and a top only. EMO!



There's an extra class on Friday at 8am -_____-
I seriously hate 8am classes.
The pain and agony of waking up early in the morning really sucks.
Sometimes I envy my friends who live 5 minutes away from campus only.

Mark was sick that day and this is where he spread his smelly disease to me by drinking my water.

Went Nando's for lunch.
Had quarter chicken with two side dishes as always.
And just like always, I couldn't finish my food.



It was a sad sad sad Saturday.

Dah la it was Saturday, then have to wake up so damn early just to drive all the way to campus for a guest talk given by an experienced criminal lawyer. Anyway it turned out to be like a lecture more than a talk.
To make things worst, fully formal attire at 9am sharp.

Formal attire + lack of sleep + bad luck = fuck my life to the end

That day was a terrible day for me. Sigh*
The 'lecture' lasted for 3 long hours.
We drove to Melaka Mall's Mcd for lunch. So here's where my day started to be real bad.

Like I said, I was infected by stupid Mark's disease and now I'm having sore throat.
I have no appetite at all and without eating anything, I drank coke added with salt in it presuming that it will help to ease the pain of my throat.

Mummy said never ever drink carbonated drinks with an empty stomach and I disobeyed such rule and serve me right. I have to suffer for 3 fukin days.

The moment I reached home, I puked like mad. That day I actually puked 5 times. Do you know how suffering was it? I felt like really dying lor (this time i really mean die dying). I took 3 days to recover. I slept from Saturday evening until Monday morning. And I ate nothing except for plain gardenia bread. But after i ate a slice, I'll eventually puke it out after 10minutes -____-

So I'm left with an empty stomach. The fourth and fifth puke contains only liquid coz my stomach does not contain any food anymore.

Damn sad can.

I think my situation is worst than someone who was being sodomized lor.
The pain and suffering was unthinkable.
I felt like crying when I blog about this :(

There goes my weekends. Bummer!

Plus I skipped my Monday class. Thanks to Mr bad luck.



Went Old Town with the gang and had our late lunch there.
I tried this minced chicken rice.
The portion is very very very small.
The bowl is damn tiny.

@RM 7.9 including a glass of carbonated drink

This set meal is quite delicious.
Just that the price is quite high in my personal opinion.



Went to Sushi King again for lunch :)
If only I could marry to Sushi King, I will definitely do so.
Sorry Mark :(

Bought a black flats for CNY.
All I need is just another pair of heels and I'm all done for shoes.

Went to Jewel of the Park for dinner. Indian cuisine is the best. Love their spices.
Of course Indian cuisine is not that cheap.

We had nasi bryiani, a plate of omelette, a plate of mutton masala and a plate of mutton rogan josh.
It cost almost RM40 just like that.
The mutton rogan josh gravy is quite spicy but I love it so much. I kept eating all these food even when my sore throat has not recovered. Thanks to all these, my voice became very sexy and seductive. haha.



Finally our Mock Trial day :)

Our case was on Tort cases whereby the victim were playing Go-Kart in a theme park and accidentally her hair got stuck in the Go-Kart engine and as a result she got half-paralyzed and the parents are suing the theme park for negligence.

Mr Happy Singh (father)

 Chutki (victim)

Didn't get to take a picture of the mother.

The police in charge in the court (fikry)

Witnesses taking oath before the court.

Too bad we got this venue for our role play because the moot court was reserved for some other purposes.

People that involve in the role play

Those not involved in role play except *points at Lynette*

So that's the group pictures taken for our tutorial Group F members.

Below are some snapshots from other tutorial groups actors/actresses.

Everyone's acting skills are very good.
I can't stop laughing when Jason walks into the 'court room' trying to give his statement.

Just look at that. The moment he wanted to step into the 'court room'
Stylo giler. hahahaha!!

Jason being emotional here. Trying to explain to the court regarding the accident.

By the way he's playing the role as the victim's mother. hahaha. One hella sexy mama!

In a way, this is actually fun you know. Studying law is not just about reading cases and memorizing principles. We are all actually very interesting and funny people. This mock trial gave those talented people to shine their inner talent. Lawyers are the best actors actually. 

Overall everyone had done a very good job in putting so much effort for the Mock Trial.
I am proud for all of you :)

This may be our last drama session before we hit into the working world.

Went to town in the evening for further shopping.

This is my dinner. I ate one chicken curry puffs only. Didn't know what and where to eat so ended up I bought this instead.

Mango something something. Very nice.

My boy's stupid happy face

CLEO mini edition is back. I prefer the mini version because it is easier to carry around and it is more convenient to slip it into my handbag and I can read it wherever I go.

I bought the mini CLEO and it comes along with a free Maybelline BB Cream foundation.
And it is only RM5 per copy. Faster go and get yours now!!!

Managed to get a blouse and a shorts-dress for today.
Still not progressing much.
I need more clothes T_________T

Stopped by Gelato to release stress.


My first time trying Gelato's ice cream. Quite nice though. The best thing about this is that you'll get free toppings. You can put as much chocolate chips as you want. Damn good right? LOL.

And now my cough and sore throat gets worst.

It's 4.30am now. Will blog again next time. I am going to introduce some new foods in town. Till then.

Lotsa love xoxo
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