Saturday, January 21, 2012

1 Malaysia Book Voucher (BB1M)

This is like the hottest news among students lately whereby everyone was busy collecting their BB1M in their respective colleges/universities/schools. So the government had came up with this new brilliant idea whereby they are going to sponsor students RM200 book vouchers every year starting from this year. Sad to say that this will be my first and the last year ever to receive such privilege.


For the very first time, I am complementing the government for such a brilliant idea. This helps to encourage us - Malaysians to read more since most of us are too lazy to read and most importantly is that the books here are too expensive. Students can't afford to buy them. Even if they afford to, they would prefer to buy something else.

Anyway I've got mine.
This is how the voucher looks like.

There are 4 pieces of it which amounted to RM200.

To tell you honestly, I was pretty excited about it. Can't sleep for the first day because I kept thinking of what to buy. I'm pretty sure that some of you are as excited as I do right?

So few days back, we visited Popular. That's the first time ever in my life to see such a number of people in Melaka's bookstore. You don't go around bookstores in Melaka seeing people reading or visiting the bookstores. I do visit the bookstores often. At least once a week. Just that I don't buy books.

By looking at the amount of people, the line to the counter was madness. So I didn't buy anything there and we drove to MPH instead.

Thank God MPH was rather empty, therefore I don't have to struggle in order to pay for my items.

There's limited choices in Melaka. How I wish I'm in KL right now.
I only managed to get myself Marie Claire magazine and also Chicken Soup for the Soul: Devotional Stories for Tough Timers.

The good news is that, it comes along with a free cup. 
It was an Eco Cup. Quite heavy too.

And I had A&W for dinner that day.
I missed the root beer with floats so much. It brings back the good old memories. I used to drink this every single time right after my swimming practices back then.


 As for today, my friends and I went to watch Underworld Awakening. The movie was quite good. The only thing I love about it was the graphic and also the fighting scenes. The way she killed her enemies was as brutal as always. Blood being splashed madly. However the damn cinema cut some of the scenes. Those brutal parts of the scene. For God sake, the movie was meant for 18 years and above. Why do you have to censor it?

After the movie, we went for book-shopping in Popular :)
And below are my latest purchase.
Bought 2 novels and a comic by Gempak Starz production. Had been aiming this since long time ago.
It's a very stupid, funny and disgusting comic in Bahasa Malaysia version.
It is a special compilation from 5 episodes. I might consider getting episode 6 onwards. They are in color version unlike this one which is in black and white version. If you are interested to read their comic without buying it, you can do so by reading it through their facebook fan page.

If only someone is willing to sponsor me RM200 every month for books. Wouldn't that be great?

Okay. It's 3.30 in the morning and I shall head to bed now.
Good night peeps :)


Anonymous said...

Hi Can I check where I can get the voucher from?

ruby said...

You can get them from ur university. but u need to wait for ur uni to inform u in order for u to collect it.

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