Thursday, February 2, 2012

Water Dragon 2012 CNY Celebration


Busy praying my paternal grandparents.
Had a wonderful dinner that night to celebrate the coming CNY.
Unfortunately I did not take any pictures.

By the way, this year is by far the worst shopping for CNY clothes ever!
Most of the clothes designs just don't fit my taste.
Managed to get myself few pairs of clothes only. So disappointing lor.

My one and only flats (new shoes for CNY) super sad :(

Day 1 - 23/1/12

Went to the temple early in the morning for some praying.
Then headed to my maternal grandparents home for family reunion.

The atmosphere wasn't as fun as before since the old folks were gone :(

All of us were busy with our own stuff. The kids busy playing games, the adults busy chit chatting and also gambling.

Playing tetris pula -________-

As for me, I had been busy finishing up the Lying Game Novel and also busy camwhoring plus gaming with my cousin's Samsung Galaxy Tab haha!

Gamble Kaki's

Maternal grandparents

2 cute little girls in cheongsam

Went for dinner in a restaurant that night.
Had 9 different dishes. All damn sedap!

After dinner, headed to aunt's house to bai nian.

Collected very few red packets for the first day. Super sad. Too old for it. Being Malaysians, all very stingy one lah. When they see you are old enough, then they will just ignore your existence. HAHA!

Collection for first day T___T

Day 2 - 24/1/12

Felt guilty for not studying so I've decided to lock myself in the room the whole day.
Thanks to MMU for putting our final exams right after the CNY.
Bloody hell!!!

Can't enjoy my CNY to the fullest.

Day 3 - 25/1/12

Went out the whole day to compensate what I've missed on the day before.
Headed to town for some shopping spree.

Bought 4 tank tops from Colors and Trends for RM24 in total only. Damn cheap like mad! T______T

Anyway, I was wearing my new flats that day and it hurts so badly. Both my feet now have blisters :(
To ease my pain, I sat in Starbucks with a cup or Dark Chocolate Frap all alone while observing people that passed by me.

My Dark Mocha Ice Blended

 Bought 2 packets of XXL chicken from Shihlin on my way back home. Yummy!

Bought a new pair of contact lense Super Barbie in grey color for RM25 only.

There goes all my ang bao's money. Spent in a day like a Boss.

During the night, went to relatives place for visiting.

Day 4 - 26/1/12

Visited friends house to collect more red packets to generate my pocket income.
So basically Day 4 had been wasted just like that without me doing any revision.

But I had a great fun hanging out with my old friends :)
We are getting older now but still cute.

The F5

Jump shots!

Maternal relatives all having dinner in my house that night.
My mum is the chef for the day :)
She cooked simple yet delicious food.
Home food is the best.
Love you Mummy.

Sambal Udang with Petai

Steamed chicken

Vegetables (don't know what vegetable is it called)


Tomyam 'san shan' pork

Mix Vegetables

Fish ball soup

The Baba Nyonya style. Eat using hand. lol

That night itself something terrible happened to my papa.
He consumed a medicine bought from the pharmacy without knowing that he's actually allergic to it.
Ended up he was facing some breathing problem and was sent to the hospital.
He have to stay there for a day.
Luckily he's recovering now. Thank God.

Had been spending the whole Friday in the Hospital accompanying my papa.
The Hospital is really a scary place to be at.
You can see many types of sickness and characters there.
Me being there for a day makes me partially insane.

Day 6 - 28/1/12

The boy came to my place to bai nian.

Went to watch The Viral Factor acted by Jay Chou and Nicholas. The movie was filmed in Kuala Lumpur. The movie was good. 2 long hours. Can compete with Hindi movies already lol.

There's a new bubble milk tea franchise in Dataran Pahlawan. Fuh!
I bet selling this drinks earn a lot. If not why so bloody a lot of different Franchises.
Mark being the bubble milk tea freak, of course he wants to try it.
So here we are in the shop.

Share Life | Share Love | Share Tea

Seriously, I think most of the milk tea from all different franchise actually tasted similarly alike.
One thing for sure that I know is that by drinking this often, you'll get 'KENCING MANIS'

There's this Sin Fish which I've wanted to try for quite sometime.
Finally I was able to try it out :)

The takiyaki is so damn cute can!

So cute right?

 I ordered Turkey Bacon and Egg

It's quite expensive and the portion is very tiny and you won't feel full, not the slightest bit at all!
As for the taste, not bad la.
But the reason why I wanted to buy it, is just because it looks cute :)

Bought CLEO magazine

Comes along with this Buy 1 Free 1 Coffee Bean ice blended. Good deal :)

Bird Nest from the boy *hearts*


My first time ever trying Arabian food located nearby Bukit Beruang area.

Mint Tea @ RM1 (eh nice and cheap)

Can't remember the name but it was mutton and rice @ RM14

Mark's mutton rice @ RM15

Their sambal. Sedap!

Overall the food was nice. I will appreciate more if only the mutton was slightly more tender. Because I'm having some difficulties in chewing it.

After dinner we went to Coffee Bean to make full use of the Buy 1 Free 1 coupon which I received frm CLEO magazine. Thanks CLEO  for such a great offer :)

Caramel Ice Blended (left) @ RM14.90 and received free small Mocha Ice Blended worth RM12.50 (right)

-Happy Ending-

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