Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Food makes me a happy girl.

It was a very random plan to go up KL last weekend for a short holiday.
Was glad that I went there.
Enjoyed myself so much :)

Bus ticket

Was reading my story book in the bus. After reading about 30 minutes, I got so dizzy and felt like puking.
hahahaha... Should not have read it in the bus. Thanks to that, I felt bad and uncomfortable throughout the whole journey. Eventually I fell asleep in the bus.

The bus stop us at Terminal Tasik Selatan.
The place was huge I tell you!
Looks like an airport.

By the way, I went KL with Erin (my cousin).
Once we arrived in TBS (terminal bus station), we had our lunch in Pak Hailam Kopitiam.

Love this book. It's all about high school girls. The leader of a popular group which is always the bitchy type one. Wanted other girls to do mean stuffs to others and also an attention whore. So she got murdered one day and you know how the story goes.

Moral of the story, don't be such a bitch or you'll never know when you're going to die.
One of the bitch friend was caught holding the knife and full with blood before her. So she was the prime suspect. The whole story was about her trying to proof that she was innocent. And trying to find who is the true killer.

Overall it was a good book.

Back to the main topic.

Both of us had Asam Laksa.
The amount of cucumber like don't know what -____-

Asam Laksa @RM9.90

Took a LRT back to my cousin's condominium. Unpack our stuffs, took a nice cold shower, and then we headed to Midvalley around 8pm plus for some window shopping and food hunting.

Went to Shojikiya for some snacks :)
Love this shop so much.

Marunaga Macha Monaka Ice Cream @ RM6.90

The very first time I tried this ice cream was back in 16 July 2008 together with Mark in the Bon Odori event held in Kuala Lumpur :)
It sure does bring back memory.

I also bought this mini strawberry flavor kitkat :)
It's my aim to try all types of kitkat flavors in this world.
I am so going to Japan one day to fulfill my dreams :P

Kitkat @ RM9.90

Next we headed to Beard papa's for some cream puff :)
We had Vanilla cream puffs which was one of their specialties.
Overall it was quite nice. Love the crispiness of the puff.

Vanilla Cream Puff @ RM4.80

After cream puff, I went to look for Sno :)
Wanted to try it for quite sometime. Thanks to stupid Mark who kept telling me how nice it was and how rugi it was for me for not being able to drink it.

So it's a must for me to try it out.

They have this touch screen monitor for you to choose and mix your own drink or if you wanna play safe, just order according to what they recommended.

I wanted to order according to their recommendation but somehow they ran out of Ferrero Rocher chocolate. Therefore I have to create and mix my own.

Got this steps from the website itself.

First step : Select your base. It can be vanilla, green tea or frozen yogurt.

Then the second step is to choose any chocolates or fruits that you want. Normally you just choose 2 types. If you choose more than that, then you'll have to pay even more :)

The last step is optional.

As for me, I had Vanilla ice cream as base and I had Cadburry Dairy Milk and Snickers without any add-on toppings. I had the kids size instead of the regular one.

Sno @ RM 9.50

I can feel the fatness in my tummy after eating all those....

Then we went to a hawker center to take away food again O____O

I had fried kuey teow and also fried oyster.
Ordered quite a lot that night but I only ate those two mentioned above.

Fried Kuey Teow @ RM 5.50

Fried Oyster @ RM 12.0

Enjoyed myself very much. Food makes me happy :)

Shall blog about day 2 soon.
More food to explore.

Till then.
Off to bed.
Good night.

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