Saturday, February 25, 2012

Just what I need.


I was so bored at home.
My daily routine is to sleep > eat > online > eat > sleep

I told myself to stay at home due the my personal financial crisis.
Somehow I only managed to endure for 3 days only.
That was super suffering okay.

Since it's a Friday, who the hell stays at home on Friday night right?

I had a great dinner today although it's just some normal food bought from pasar malam.
It's been ages since I last went to pasar malam.

I bought 2 beef burgers, some keropok lekor, 2 fried chickens and also a cup of corns.
It only cost me about RM12 only. hahaha! Cheap and delicious. Eat until I die.

After dinner, we headed to Jonker.

Erin and I

She's my silly cousin -____- who only knows how to bully me all the time.
Stupid girl :P

Was having Durian ABC and it was so sweet. Gosh!!
The uncle wants to kill us by putting a lot of sweetener in it. Madness!

Since I'm a cheapo like that, I can only afford to buy cheap facial masks :P

Actually the reason I bought it was because of the cute HELLO KITTY MASKS!!!!

OMG!!! Damn cute right??

The price is also super cheap. It only cost me RM20 for 13 pieces. LOL!
Damn cheap can!

I'm not a big fan of Hello Kitty but I do like it because it's very cute.
Some of my friends are very fond with it.

Bought 3 pairs of earrings for my collection.

Guess what I found?
Happy Tree Friends Tissue paper.
Love this cartoon to the max!
Super cute like angel but the ending of the movie is so SICK and DISTURBING!
The characters always ended up dying in a brutal manner.


Here's one of my favorite episode - Eyes Cold Lemonade
Do watch it.
Unless you have a weak heart, I strongly advice that you should just ignore this video clip.

By the way, I think the person who created this series must have some mental problem during his childhood.

I can't stop laughing watching it all over again.

I'm going to KL in couple of hours more.
This is more like a holiday, though most of my holidays are within Peninsular.
Well, at least it is way better than staying at home.

Shall blog soon :)

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