Monday, February 20, 2012


Went to Genting for a day trip yesterday.
Woke up at 5am and departed around 5.45am.
Bus arrived almost 7pm -______-
If only I knew, I should have slept a little longer.

On our way to the peak of Genting, suddenly there were a bunch of Ferrari's passing by our slowpoke bus.
Damn cool I tell you!

Most of them were young people. Lucky bastards!

When we arrived at the top of Genting, all of them gathered at Coffee Bean.
There's about 12 Ferrari's if I'm not mistaken.
It's nice to be freaking rich right where you can have this group meeting once a month for some 'lepaking' session and also to display that million ringgit car to public and make them envy.

My trip to Genting this time is to visit the Casino and not the theme park.
For the very first time I went into the Casino.
Of course gamble is a must since I'm there.

Within 30 minutes I've lose RM125. FML!!!
So there goes my money. Burn into the hands of the late Uncle Lim.
I stopped playing before I'll get into a deeper shit hole by losing all my money.

This will be my first and the last time to gamble.
Bloody tipu duit orang!
The chances of you losing is 150% higher than the chances for you to win.

Anyway, just make that as my first experience.
To pay RM125 just to break my gambling virginity in casino. lol what a price.

Chicken Rice @RM 12

Since I'm broke, that's the only 'cheap' food that I can eat :(
I was down and emo. Should have known that it is impossible to win.
Tu la tangan gatal sangat nak main. 

Orang dah kalah judi so act like one.
Went to the indoor theme park and walk aimlessly while trying to comfort myself by saying that 'nahh RM125 only la... not that a lot also. Just close one eye ba'

I'm in Paris!! Look Eiffel Tower at the background!!!

Stalk his sexy golden ass :)

By the way, there's this pamphlet in Genting that gives people some sort of counselling to those compulsive gambler.
Just look at the questions asked.
I felt like laughing and slapping them at the same time.

It's your (Genting's) fault in the first place for creating this Casino in Malaysia okay.
hahaha and now you wanted to help them to solve their gambling problems.

I bet they have to pay for the consultation fees as well :P

Most of the gamblers in Casino are old ladies.
I pity their husbands.

My Genting card :)

Chilling in Marrybrown while waiting for our bus.
Went back home at 5pm.

Honestly, Genting is getting way boring and the weather is not that cold anymore.
Thanks to the global warming.


18/2/2012 - Saturday

Chilling out with the buddies before each of them headed back home in their respective hometowns.

My caramel ice blended. 
My favorite *thumbs up*

Had a great time talking about our plans for graduation trip and also our upcoming holidays.

At the same time, we felt pretty sad for those who are leaving us already. Those who graduated earlier.
I hope to see you all soon and good luck in your future undertakings.

By the way, I'm officially in a holiday mood now :)
Wipppeee *hearts*

Till then.

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