Wednesday, February 22, 2012


The boy has left me all alone for the whole week.
The poor me rotting at home all alone while he's enjoying at the other side of the country.

Can't wait to see him soon.

As for today, I went to town all alone for some shopping.
Was looking for a nice dress for my upcoming Law Night Dinner.
Came across several dinner dresses and I can't decide which to buy since most of it looks quite pretty to me.
However the price is also very pretty :)
Long dresses are not that cheap.

After looking around at several shops, I've decided to have my dinner first since I was starving.

Chicken and Cheese Paratha. My favorite :D

Now you can have Snowflakes-look-alike-and-taste-alike in Melaka from Tea Garden :)
Ate the whole bowl all by myself.
Lonely :(

After dinner, I proceed with my dress hunting mission.
Finally I bought one and was very satisfied with it :)

So I'm broke now.
Like really really broke. It's only the third week of the month and I am already this broke.
Everyday spend few hundreds like mad ._____.

Shall just stay at home for the rest of my life and wait for a prince cash charming to save me from this broke-ness spell.

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