Friday, May 22, 2015

The Preparation - Lyn's Wedding

This was back in April.
10th of April to be exact.
The day where we had our very first road trip together.

Although most of them were my secondary school friends, I realized that I never had any trips or vacation with them before.
Sad yet truth facts.

So I'm quite glad that we had at least a short trip to Perak as our mini getaway holiday (although the entire trip was a mad exhausted one!)

The meeting point was at my house.
We gathered around 8am right in front of MI CASA (my house).

Next destination was to fetch Cheng Luan, Fanny.
Departing with an empty stomach is a big NO NO.
So we had our heavy breakfast first.

Chicken Rice at 9.00am

The rest of us had Wan Tan Mee, half boiled eggs and breads.
Super kenyang gilerrrr.....

Our real journey begins at 10.00am.
Bon Voyage Melaka!
*super sexcited*


Meet our big Boss - Mei Liang


Hello IPOH!

The amount of photos we had together in the car was numerous!

Even Fanny and Mei Liang got tired of us.
Sorry girls... We just had to selfie countless of time for the perfect picture :P
Although most of the pictures turned out to be perfect.
hahahahah *narcism*
Just kidding. Please don't despise me for having such a good sense of humor.

One last solo picture of me in the car.
I swear.
*loving my colorful nails*

The moment we arrived our destination, it was time for us to settle down for a little bit in our crib for the weekend.

For certain chinese tradition (correct me if I am wrong since I'm not qualified to be called as a chinese. I am angmoh wannabe), the couple is not allowed to see each other's face (only on the day before the actual wedding). It's like a taboo they said.

Hiding her face with all sort of plushies/pillows found in the car just to prevent her future husband from ternampak mukanya yang sangat chio itu.

Andy has no choice but to meet us up in order to pass us the house keys.

Front view.

Bantal busuk was one of the defence shield.
Why so cute?

Please don't kill me for posting such pictures okay Sher Lyn.
Since you're already married, therefore you don't have to worry about saham jatuh anymore.

Our (Mei Liang, Fanny and I) room.
One out of all three rooms.

We took the one with bathroom attached to it.
First come first serve BRO!

After putting down our luggage and stuffs, we went for lunch and did some shopping.
Bought numerous items for the actual day (Games preparations for the groom's bro).

What a tiring day.
It doesn't just end like that.

At night, Andy had an open house.
All of us were invited.
Of course except for the bride la.
She needs to stay at home.

The Open House.

After dinner, all of us headed back to our homestay.

One last discussion on how to make the BROTHERS life miserable.

Lovely panties awaiting all the macho men.

Work is in progress.

The end result.

The guys would definitely love these beautiful, sexy underwear.

Next was the girls manicure session.
Did that nail art thingy until 1.00am.

I'm a happy girl~

Selfie before sleeping.
Yes I know I have a selfie disease.

Slept at 1.00am and woke up at 5.00am.
4 hours of sleep only.
I had zombie face the following day.
Shall blog about that in my next post.

Stay tune for the sexy guys picture.

Until then.


Friday, May 15, 2015


 Another short trip to KL just to meet up with my bae (nicole lee)

The word bae just irk the shit out of me.
Fod God's sake why can't people just type the word babe instead of bae. Is it that hard to type the extra 'b'?

It's not like you need to spend another extra 10 minutes to spell it out or even type it out properly.
Abbreviation are used for words that contained a lot of alphabets.
I just don't get it why people need to cut 4 alphabets into 3 alphabets -_____-

Any difference? Duh!


I feel so much better now after releasing my thoughts on that topic above.

 The Library - Sunway Pyramid

 Finally, a decent selfie with the bestie.

How long has it been huh?
Please come visit me soon!

 Fantastic Four.
Gossip Girls.

Cindrell planned to stop by for a few minute just to say hello.
However, she ended up spending time with us for more than an hour talking about how shitty working life is and also not to forget, updating on live news (hot gossips).

 And the GFF joined us as well!
UP UP and away~

I'm so sorry Jason. I just have to post this picture.
Resemble so much like you wei.

Doing what we do best.

 Dinner at Thai Thai.

 Every ala-carte meal cost RM20 and above.

 What's that dangling from the top?

 It's JIPANGI!!!

This is a soft serve ice cream that comes in a Korean Corn Snack.
The entire thing itself looks pretty obscene already.
That is why the more reason to try dem' out yo!

As you can see, it comes in several flavors as shown above.
RM7 per stick if you opt for only one flavor and RM9 for the combination of any two flavors.

Flavors of choice are:-
1) Chocolate
2) Banana
3) Vanilla
4) Strawberry

 The happy kid.


 Mr. Macho

Overall, it was a great catching up session with them.
Made me miss my University life again.
Miss those days where we can lepak like there is no tomorrow.
Randomly travel around and skipping class whenever you don't feel like waking up.

Ahhhh! Those were the good old memories.


 Killer Gourmet Burger.

By far one of the best burger I ever had. Killer burger!

Not to forget, Fuel Shack is in my list as well. Make me hungry while blogging this post.

 Hai... boleh kenal bang? ;)

 Nyumm! *love*

One last stop before heading back Melaka.

Happy tummy equals to Happy ruby.



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