Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Singapore - Chinatown

Back in mid February, I had a long vacation in Singapore with mummy.
The currency rate was about 3:1 at that time.
*cry blood*

It's okay. The trip was worth it (self-comfort).

It was more like a catching up holiday where I managed to meet up with friends and families who resided in Singapore. 
Not to forget the food hunting part as well.

First of all, meet froyo - the frozen yoghurt from KFC.

Being the greedy me, I ordered both flavors - Natural & Passion Fruit

Didn't get to do much on my first day of arrival.
I was quite exhausted that day due to the long hour of journey.

A lot of walking involved once you're in Singapore. I think I managed to shed a few kilos on my cheek for all those speed walking exercises.

Everyone were in a such a hurry which makes you feel obligated to catch up with their tempo. (I automatically become kiasu).
So by the end of the day, I couldn't feel my feet at all.

Anyway, it was great to meet up with Dotin and Reuben.
Got to know them from my previous Vietnam trip about 3-4 years back.
Time really flies.

Chilling at Somerset.

Costa Coffee for the win.

The following day involves more walking.
We went to Chinatown for some sight seeing. Despite visiting Singapore frequently, ironically I haven't really explore Chinatown or even Singapore Zoo. Yeah, like what the heck am I doing right. So not tourist style at all.

Therefore I should plan for another visit to Singapore again. Haha.


I love all of them.

An ootd photo is a must.

If you happen to be around Chinatown, make sure you visit the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple & Museum.

They have a beautiful building architecture.

How the Temple looks like. Super chio!

Sopan-santun ootd. Haha.

Got the Japanese type of girl feel boh?
Please ignore the size of my elephant arms T_____T

Next stop was Marina Bay Sands.
Yes, the high class bitches type of place to shop.
I can only afford to take a picture with the Chanel ads.

Went to meet Shawn for the night.
Didn't see him for ages. Shawn is still the same old Shawn. Sempoi like always in his striking beach shorts.
Always giving me lame sarcastic remarks.
Feel like punching him on the face every time he opens his mouth.

Texting with one phone is too mainstream.
Shawn can multitask with two mobile phones.

Huge plate of Wa Tan Hor for supper.

This Fruit Cider taste really good.

My first movie in Singapore was Deadpool. Went to watch it with Erin since she was begging like a little girl to watch the movie with her.

Lucky thing I watched it there because no censorship at all!
I doubt Malaysia cinema will do the same.
Worth the 10 SGD for a movie.

I think this is by far the most awesome 'superhero' character ever. His character is so vulgar and his jokes are damn funny, in a vulgar way.

Okay I know my opinion on this topic is super outdated. Please pretend that you're reading this blog post somewhere around February.

Thank you. Bai.

Friday, April 15, 2016

The Year of Fire Monkey

Hello there!

A friend of mine actually asked me this question yesterday 'You never blog recently eh?'
My standard answer would be 'I'm very busy lately'.

Truth to be told, I am very busy indeed. Busy figuring out what to do and / or achieve with my life. Lol. Aiya actually I'm just being lazy. I no longer have the passion to write lengthy post.

Anyway, this post is about my CNY celebration.

This year's celebration was so happening. We had a battle of fireworks and firecrackers around my housing area. It was so happening! It lasted for an hour wei. God knows how much my neighbours spent for all those.

First Day.

Love the orange wall. Made such a good background for selfies!


The decreasing amount of red packets year by year is so depressing.

After the first day of CNY, the second day is where youngster *ehem* like us will spend our day with friends instead of family. Hahahahahaha!

Day 2 at Movida.

Day 3. Aww they are wearing red while I'm wearing black.
Hahaha who is more chinese now huh? Lol.

Big wide mirror in Ivor's room.

Ivor's open house parteeehhh!

Lion dance in the house.

They said we must touch the lion's head for good luck.
I didn't touch the head that night.
Something bad happened to me after that. 
I will never forget that fucked up event. 

Lesson learnt - To touch the lion's head next time. Oh and also to eat the buah limau (okay this is irrelevant).


Celebrated Valentine's with friends again. Two years straight.
Mana you Mark Rosaidey????!!!!
#emo #manabunga #chocolatemana


Anyway, one lucky guy managed to date 3 girls for Vday.
Tapi bukannya dia belanja makan pun......
Which makes him even luckier. Don't need to spend a single cent but yet get to go out with 3 girls.

Please teach other guys your skill and technique Andrew Sim.

For further details on how to be like Andrew Sim, please do not hesitate to email him at andrewsim@foreveralone.gmail.com

Ok bye!

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