Sunday, December 7, 2014

Happily Ever After

And you may kiss the bride........

Yet another friend of mine is officially known as a wife.
Congratulations slim po!

Beautiful entrance decoration. 

The ladies with their outfit for the night.

The bride & groom with their little flower flower girl and boy.

The newly wed.

The unmarried ones. Well except for the girl in red.
She's getting married too. Soon!

The first course dish.

That was my very first time having a vegetarian wedding dinner.
I am amazed that it actually taste good.
It might look like a chicken/pork/duck but actually it's basically made out of beans and flour.

 Congratulations once more Jayden & Alicia.
Now faster produce a little cute baby.


I've been told that there's a new cafe in town known as Thats Coffee.
Was having a hard time to locate it at first due to their super mini signboard.

Well it is actually at Kota Laksamana, one row with Kensington Restaurant.
Above VIP Concept store and below DAP's office.
It is at the second floor building.

Affogato @ RM12.0
They served Vanilla Haagen Dazs ice cream.

With the two lenglui. 

Playing our very own version of Jenga game. 

Just stack it as you wish to make it more exciting.

 Group shot.

Enjoyable night with them peeps.
I need more of this lepaking session.


One of those lazy sundays.
Doing stuff we like without to fork a single penny.
Wise financial weekend plan.

 Beach, sunset and our pretty faces.
Perfect combination. 


Tak ada orang nak puji kita lawa maka kenalah puji diri sendiri.

Expressions, expressions.



I'm going to introduce you guys another cafe by the name of De Reve Cafe.
It is a combination of Saloon and Cafe.
Well this concept is quite common nowadays.

Another new concept is bakery cafe. It's a hot stuff in Singapore.
Hopefully it will come to Melaka in the next 5 years.
*fingers crossed*

Someone told me that the waffles are d'bomb and a must try.

So here I am trying it out.

The cafe is located at Gajah Berang.
One row with Tong Hup.

 Price range from RM4 to RM16.
No tax charges here.

Coffee, tea or us?

Dalmation Waffle @ RM12.0 

No doubt the waffle does taste pretty good.
Crispy on the outside, tender on the inside.

I ate the entire thing myself. Mana muka tak gemuk. 

Leopard and Tiger print white chiffon dress.


Wednesday, November 12, 2014


I know there's been quite a number of issues regarding to the celebration of Halloween in Malaysia.
Some says it is an act of praying/worshiping the dead, so on and so forth. List goes on and on and on.
Debate all you want. I am not interested at all.

Well for us it is just a costume party. That's all.
People dress up whatever they want just for the sake of taking pictures.

We celebrated Halloween a day earlier. We managed to get a place by the beach - Seafarer Restaurant.

The perfect place for our plan.

I know there's nothing much to talk about except for showing you peeps off with our costumes.

Chinese ghost wannabe with a scarecrow.

Chinese ghost with her dracula boyfriend. 

 Best dress award should be given to her - The Witch.

 Trick or treat?

Let's do some makeover.

Frankenstein with my little cute teddy bear.

MMU Zombie and errr.....hip-hopper? 

 MMU Zombie.

 Cleopatra and Minnie Mouse.

Hahahaha! Yes out of all the costumes, I've decided to appear as Minnie.
Can't blame a working lady. I ain't got no time to shop for the perfect outfit.
Just grab whatever I have in my closet.

Hungry ghost, dracula, monsters, witches and minnie mouse gotta eat too okay?

More pictures.....

Our lovely spooky Halloween cupcakes specially baked by Radiance.

Here are some pictures taken from phones.

So that was how I celebrated my first Halloween.
Am glad that you guys invited me.
Thank you.



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