Wednesday, November 12, 2014


I know there's been quite a number of issues regarding to the celebration of Halloween in Malaysia.
Some says it is an act of praying/worshiping the dead, so on and so forth. List goes on and on and on.
Debate all you want. I am not interested at all.

Well for us it is just a costume party. That's all.
People dress up whatever they want just for the sake of taking pictures.

We celebrated Halloween a day earlier. We managed to get a place by the beach - Seafarer Restaurant.

The perfect place for our plan.

I know there's nothing much to talk about except for showing you peeps off with our costumes.

Chinese ghost wannabe with a scarecrow.

Chinese ghost with her dracula boyfriend. 

 Best dress award should be given to her - The Witch.

 Trick or treat?

Let's do some makeover.

Frankenstein with my little cute teddy bear.

MMU Zombie and errr.....hip-hopper? 

 MMU Zombie.

 Cleopatra and Minnie Mouse.

Hahahaha! Yes out of all the costumes, I've decided to appear as Minnie.
Can't blame a working lady. I ain't got no time to shop for the perfect outfit.
Just grab whatever I have in my closet.

Hungry ghost, dracula, monsters, witches and minnie mouse gotta eat too okay?

More pictures.....

Our lovely spooky Halloween cupcakes specially baked by Radiance.

Here are some pictures taken from phones.

So that was how I celebrated my first Halloween.
Am glad that you guys invited me.
Thank you.


Friday, November 7, 2014


This is going to be a short post with couple of pictures.

Just for the sake of updating my blog.

After craving this ice cream for months, finally decided to have it.

A brief outing with them peeps.

For people who wears shades in shopping malls. 
Seriously? Like seriously?? I just don't get it.


Lately, we (Lyn and I) were in the mood of taking our own portraits.
Maybe that's because somebody wants to train her posing skills for her upcoming wedding photography.
It's not easy to have a beautiful and natural photographs. Unless you own a super photogenic face.

So here's 5% of what we took during our leisure time.
Was glad that the weather was super good that day. It plays an important role as well to get a satisfying photo.

Tips on having a beautiful portrait :-

1) Muka kena lawa.
2) Confidence must be high if you do not have requirement Number 1.
3) Beautiful background (makes the photo even more entertaining).
4) Suitable weather to portray your mood in the photograph.
5) Last but not least, a proper camera. Although phone cameras are quite sufficient but the quality is not as good as using a proper camera. Plus the feeling is not there. lol

I think Casa del Rio is a very nice place for photographs.

Yours truly.

Loving the chinese characters.

#false tourist


A mini lepaking/gossiping/updating session with this bubbly girl.
It was great catching up with you.
Should do it more often but must include Nazreen next time.

Jasyu why you so slim. *envy*

Smuggled AEON's sushi into Coffee Bean for dinner.


And yet we had another outing mainly for photography purposes. This time around we invited Mei Liang along.

Unfortunately, the weather was so freaking hot and it totally spoils our mood.
Outcome of the pictures are hilarious. No muka lawa-lawa, comel loteh.

Trying to get the 'feel'.
Punggung kepanasan duduk tepi longkang tau!

Love this picture.

Selfie with bulky semi-Dslr. I am so good like that! Tak perlu beli selfie stick pun.

Attempting to Piggy Ride back. Aww soo sweet.

Next post shall be on Halloween/Malloween.
Till then.


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