Thursday, January 3, 2013

Galactic Laser Tag / Laser Paintball

Date: 23/12/2012
Location: Galactic Laser in Midvalley Shopping Mall, in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia.

After trying out the real paintball few weeks back, the boyfie and I got sort of addicted to it.
So we've decided to play it again. BUT BUT BUT..... I told him that I will only play the laser paintball where I won't get bruises and I swear to God that I will never ever EVER step into the real paintball field.
Insaf sudah T___T
ps: the bruises are recovering. see la, took about a month to heal O__O

Back to the main story.
It was a lovely Sunday and we decided to drive all the way up to KL just for the game.
To make it even lovelier, a 3km distance took us about an hour to arrive.
Kuala Lumpur yang tercinta *hearts* -______-

By the time we arrived Midvalley, it was already in the late afternoon.

Galactic Laser has two branches. You can find another one in Sunway Pyramid.

Having our late lunch before kickin' some ass yo!

Pictures quality are quite bad because I set the wrong ISO settings without realizing it T____T

There were 10 of us in total.
We took 2 missions/rounds and each mission lasted for 10 minutes.

We played the 'oh-peng' system in order to determine which group an individual belongs to.
Kampung style betul.

The groups for First Round.

Battle mode ON

The place is very dark and it is highly advisable not to run like mad inside or else you might just knock your head or even jatuh tergolek anjing while running.

It was a waste of time dividing into groups because we had to battle with another 2 other groups.
One of the groups consist of mainly KIDS!
And imagine that our group lost to KIDS. Like whattttt!!!! WHATTTT???? You gotta be kidding me right?
So embarrassing je.

Anyway, we were not allowed to bring in any bags or cameras into the battle field.
But I die die asked the person in charge to take our picture with our sensor-uniforms and laser guns.
Cool right?

Our second run was an individual battle among ourselves.
It was super fun! And I sweat madly although we played under the air-conditioner.

My name was Titan and I was placed at number 6. 

Last but not least, here's the price list.

We took 2 missions during Peak season (non-members), 
hence it cost us RM45 per person for 20 minutes.

I reckon you guys to try it out.
It is as fun as Paintball. And the good thing about this laser tag game is that you won't get any bruises :P

Must try!!


After the game, we headed straight to Big Bad Wolf again as it was their final day.
Thank God I bought mine earlier. Seems like all the good books have been sold off.
Can't wait for this year book fair.


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