Monday, January 7, 2013

Last Christmas

Christmas is not just about gifts.
It's about love, families, friendships and companions.
It's about spending time with your loved ones.

My Christmas Eve was simple yet wonderful.
Right after work, Mark and I went to meet with his sisters who came down Melaka for a short holiday.
We had a nice dinner in Breeks and had a drink in Gong Cha.

Celebrated our Christmas countdown in the cinema watching Jack Reacher.
To me, the movie is a very good movie.

Thank God the road was smooth when I was on my way back home on that day.
That's because everyone was busy celebrating in the clubs and pubs.

The following day, we drove to LCCT to send Sheila back to Borneo.
Yeap! During Christmas day itself.

Christmas Mood :D

We also went all the way to Alamanda just to meet up with my beloved sheep - Amirul.

 Love the background. The trees have the romantic feeling.

Mr. Emorul is getting slightly 'berisi'

And he's no longer the cheapskate friend that I used to know.
He treated us Starbucks.

I ordered Red Velvet cake only. Tak mau kikis him terlampau banyak.
Berdosa mama kata.

We had a great chat and I really miss your stupidity and over 'gan jiong' (over-reacting) attitude.
You will always be my number 1 pet in my heart. xoxo.

On my way back to Melaka, I managed to hang out with Mr. Park in son and Ms. 1001 excuses.
I've been bugging Mr Park for Christmas present even before Christmas.
I kept telling him to get me the Starbucks 2013 planner but he is just too stingy.
So the moment he arrived, I saw him carrying Starbucks paper bag and FOR ONCE, I've actually changed my mind and perception about him. Baru je nak puji him for his kind heart, suddenly Nicole laughed and said it's not what I think it is.

After the 3 seconds of good impression towards you, you've totally ruined everything.
Now my impression towards you have gone down from zero to negative 50.
Slowly build up your reputation back okay.

Pressie from Mr. Park. BOO!!
Power Root for Mark and Pearl Cafe for me.
Okay la. At least you did give us something. Unlike Nicole *ehem*
But I'm still disappointed in you because I don't get any Starbucks Tumbler nor Planner.

Tired look.

Present time :D

 Finally got the Starbucks 2013 Planner.
Got the first one for FREE and the second one for RM45 only (original price is RM138 each)
Gave the boyfie one as Xmas gift :P
(cheapo GF)

 Eeyore soft toys from Jesslyn.
cute die! thanks a lot babe *hearts*

 Chocolates from cousins all the way from Singapore.
Considered part as Xmas gift also la okay? :P
And there's more. My refrigerator is full with chocolates.
Guilty pleasure.

Love Spell Shimmer Lotion from Victoria's Secret.
One of my loveliest Xmas gift. Thanks a lot Maryam.
Love you lots lots babe!

The lotion smells so damn good and when I applied it, Mark fell in love instantly!
It's called Love Spell for a reason ok.
The smell can actually cast a spell to any guys who passed by you :P
Owhh and don't forget the glitters too! Bling Bling.

5 pairs of dress and a top from Me Myself and I.
Just an excuse to get myself some new clothes.
Super broke now ._.

From the love of my heart.
muah muah!

Don't I love Christmas :P


clea said...

it's laneige yo! those stuffs are expensive!
wish my love will give a set like that too
cny's coming~ hehe gotta go & gv him a hint *wink2*

ruby said...

clea: hahaha! Valentines Day is coming. Hint him to get u those XD

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