Friday, July 13, 2012

Taiwan - Taipei (Martyr's Shrine)

Day 7 Part 3 - (23rd May 2012)

Headed to Martyr's Shrine to witness the shift changing for the guards.
Amazingly those guards will not move even an inch. You can barely see them blinking their eyes too.
They can stand still for few hours at least.
So we were there just on time to check out their shift changing process.

The process to change shift also took about 30 minutes. Gosh!
But I'm amazed on how they are able to focus for couple of hours.
What if they had stomachache and wanna poo? Or pee?
Then how?
Need to wear pampers? O___O
How la?? Tell me how???
I don't think they are allowed to have a toilet break while guarding the main door of the Martyr's Shrine.
If I'm not mistaken, their shift was every 4 hours.
Which means they have to stand there for 4 hours without moving at all.
You ask me to stand still for 5 minutes also I feel like dying already. Tangan and buntot gatal. haha!

After that, we visited a place that sells Jade!
Okay that place was so not my place!
Everything sold cost at least RM600 above.
For a tiny keychain (jade) also cost about rm600.
The big one cost thousands.

Then we stopped by one of the famous tourist attraction spot to buy some cookies and tarts.
One word! EXPENSIVE!
Their pineapple tart cost at least RM50 above. Like wtf?
I can get that in Melaka for only RM15 lor.

Somehow this Uncle bought one big box and he spent about RM800++ just on cookies and tarts.
Okay don't have to be so sakai. Everyone in my tour group are all super freaking rich people anyway. Excluding me. haha!

So that's all for part 3. Shall continue with part 4 soon. (Taipei 101, Wu Fen Pu and Shihlin Market)

Stay tune :)

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