Saturday, July 14, 2012

Ruby Red

It was a lovely Wednesday. A day after I got back from Singapore, the itchy buttock of mine couldn't just stay silently and rest at home. Instead, I went out for a movie with Nazreen.
We went to watch Spider-man :)

Someone slept in the movie eventually.
It's either :-
1) The movie was boring for him
2) The partner is too boring for him
3) Reading 66 cases a day before that made him exhausted.

I wonder which one lor.

Anyway the hero is such an adorable dude.

After movie, I hang out with Nicole.
So many stories and updates from her.
Her life seems more to lepaking every single day.
Envy her T__T

We went Old Town to chillax.

Borrowed this novel from her.


Went to watch Ice Age 4 yesterday with Miss Jesslyn.
The movie was funny.
But I got pretty annoyed with the stupid squirrel or whatever it is. Since season 1 up to 4, forever with his acorn that cause mischief events to the entire animals during the Ice Age. haha damn bodoh can!

K anyway you must watch the movie to entertain yourself a little.

After movie, Carynn joined us.
We celebrated our (mine and Carynn's belated birthday) in Nadeje.
Thanks babe for the treat.

Miss Carynn gave us a lovely gift all the way from Langkawi.
Awww thanks a lot babe.
I heart you!

Ruby Red Liquor :D
That's me heh! 

Next we went for some SHOPPING!!!
Girls and shopping can never be separated :)
Had been shopping like mad for this 2 weeks.
Money flow in to the drain like nobody's business.


Had lots of fun!!

PS: I'm blogging in Nicole's place while waiting for their House warming party. lol.
I'm hungry!! I need food.

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