Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Went to catch The Sorcerer's Apprentice yesterday. The movie was quite good. Just that I hate the Hero o.O
The same guy who acted in She's Out Of My League. ugh!! He looks soft and so un-manly wtf and also a geek.
Can't they choose some other better looking, hawt. cute guys to take his role? Then there will be more reasons for girls to watch :D

Right after movie, went for dinner and then some shopping.

After shopping for clothes (of course not me shop la... it's the sissy who shops -___-) we rot in some random bubble milk tea stall. hehe.

 I had Mocha Ice Blended with pearl. Yummyz.

Believe it or not, we sat there for more than an hour talking about hmmm stuffs :P
Then Nicole called and she asked where the hell am I. hahaha.
Ended up we went for pool since we didn't get to play pool the other day.

Purple Chicks :D

Then we got bored so we took some ass shots :D


The bulat-ness. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH omg okay i should stop.

All right. I should start doing my assignment now.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

I am not HCAL T_______________________T

Saturday !!!!
Ahhh finally it's sem break :)

Woke up at 1.30pm and nothing beats a good long sleep. Damn I love my holidays. Did nothing active the whole evening. Were busy watching movies in my computer and then had the urge to go jonker for some window shopping. Went there with Nicole, Mark and my brother. haha.

Wow seriously damn freaking crazy many people lor!!!! Can't barely walk ler.
So we sat at Geographer and had some drink.


Went to Jetty about 10.30pm and it was packed as well o.O
Wanted to play pool but ended up playing snooker because there was no empty table for pool :(
(Alvin joined us for snooker)
Oh gosh snooker is seriously damn hard to play lor. Dah la table so bloody big, plus the rules of playing it also damn menyusahkan T________________T
After snooker we went to Pak Putra for supper which. Mark ordered naan cheese double something something :P which taste quite good.
As for Nicole and Alvin they ordered garlic something something :x
Sorry I sucks at memorizing. That's why I took law. hahah WATDEFORK!!!! So contradicting.

Had a great chat there. Reached home at 2am and here I am blogging. All right peeps. I'm off to bed.

Happy Holidays ;)

Saturday, July 24, 2010


I've been so busy for the past few days hence there's no updates from me. Sorry bloggie for abandoning you :(
So I just had the 2 most tough paper for this semester and I can now enjoy my 1 week break NOT!!! Gotta do 2 assignments which will due in like a week plus plus o.O and also study for 2 more papers T______________________________T

So how is my paper today eh? Hmmm no comment.

By the way I did something brave today -______- which is to dye my hair.
Right after my paper which was at 4pm, headed to the saloon and we got there about 4.30pm. Sat there for 30minutes discussing about what color I wanna dye and so on. So about 5pm started doing my hair and it ended at 8.30pm. GOSH!!!!! My poor baby Mark was starving like mad there. hahaha thanks sayang for accompanying me :)
I'm helping you to diet in a healthy way. So you should thank me okay asshole darling ;)
Plus you are not the only one starving okay. I almost died out of hunger as well.

Wanted to go for purple as my base color but my stylist said it can only last for like 3-4weeks+ and I wouldn't want to waste my RM200 on a color that can only last for that short period right? Unless I'm one hella rich ah lian. So ended up I dyed my hair with the old common boring color which you can see in the night market and also shopping malls. hahaha. Go figure what color is that.

Went to KFC for dinner and got back home about 10pm+ with a migraine. Yes I am blogging while I'm suffering from a heavy migraine right now.

HCAL is the abbreviation for high class ah lian ;)
so glamorous name :D

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Getting Over You

I totally screwed up my paper yesterday T___________________T
45 minutes was a good decision set up by the lecturer because I've got nothing to write as well.

After the paper the friends decided to chillax. Went to town around 4pm. Had our lunch + dinner in Pizza Hut. Like usual la. The services in MP's Pizza sucks.

Headed to Dataran after that to get our movie tickets. Wanted to watch Inception but was fully booked. Left the front row seats only. Aih!!!!! Then no choice but to watch Predator -________________- and the movie seriously not my type of movie. After watching it for like 5minutes, I was hoping for it to end as soon as possible. However it took almost 2 hour for that freaking movie to end. Gosh!!! I'm having a hard time watching it inside the cinema lor. Waste my money and time T_________T

Oh before that there's a wedding planner or photo shooting thingy or something in Dataran. They displayed lots of beautiful wedding dresses ler T___________________________T
After looking at the dress. I felt like marrying to somebody at that very moment. Faster!!! Anyone wanna marry me? Please inform me now. Urgent!!!! Terms and conditions apply. hahahahaha

Our movie starts at 7.30pm and at the meantime we were trying to look for something to kill time and we found this archery thingy. My first time playing it. It's a very good and nice experience but still my hands ache because of it T__________T damn hopeless right me? Haiz I know.

I love this picture :D coz I looked slim in it hahahahahahahahhahahaha

We took the 24 arrows which cost us RM14 for the game. Seriously it's worth it. I am so gonna play those again.

Camwhoring before movie

Fikry curi makan Famous Amos in the cinema. LOL!! No outside food please... hahahaha. There was once, I saw someone eating McD burger in the cinema. wtf!! hahahahahaha I have no freaking idea how the hell they managed to sneak the burger into the cinema.

By the way. The movie sucks! Let me emphasize it again. It SUCKS!!!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

So What?

Decided to be a good student yesterday.

Class starts at 10am to 12pm and the 12pm tutorial class was cancelled coz lecturer got sick. Then went ixora food court for lunch together with Mark, Kin Ming, Stanley, Danny and Li Han. Sat there for an hour and then I rot in Law library from 1pm+ to nearly 6pm. OMG *prouds*

Went there to do some revision but the library was so damn noisy like pasar malam. In order for me to understand each and every word i read, i have to read it like 5 to 6 times because the noise was completely distracting and all those people walking here and there seriously damn annoying. However I managed to spend an hour or two doing some revision until 3pm+ where I started feeling lazy and I went to look for the girls AND our custom begins.

Using camera only not that advance. So we used webcam instead. wtf!

If you think these are the only pictures, then think again. lol.

This is my favorite picture; D' Three-some :)

After our night class, headed to one random mamak for dinner. Food was so-so only.


Tuesday was a fucked up day. 
Camwhoring rules.


On the way to campus today, got caught in a super duper heavy rain halfway. dang! Whole shoes got wet :( and the feeling was damn uncomfortable. After class went to Secret Recipe for lunch. Thanks for the treat :) and thanks for everything even though you are sleepy shit head and you also contributed into my emo-ness but still i love you :D

It was a good decision ;)

ps: Happy Birthday Kai Choy Ng!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Day at the Museum

Instead of doing revision at home, I went to the Museum together with my brother and 2 of his course mates.
Woke up at 7.30am okay! See damn rajin like shit for something that is so not important at all. I'm the camera girl for the day and also the fail tour guide part 2 (part 1 was when I brought my JB friend Stella in my previous post) :D

Reached Dataran around 9.30am and it was drizzling. So we lepak in McD until 11am+ in order for the rain to subside.

I took over 150 pictures and I'm too lazy to post them in here and also in my facebook account because I'm not the main character :P
So i assume it's not important at all to have other people's face in here. hahahaha joking.

T___________________________________________T damn scary okay!

hahahahaha she represents the malay hip hop style. Just look at her hand. Ada gaya wei.

This one also damn spooky. I got a shock of my life when I first saw it. The hair so messy T_____T and scary T_______T and plus he was staring at me T_________________________T
NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don't want to be stared. *runs away in slow motion*


Take 1

Take 2

Went to jonker for lunch. I had Baba asam laksa *yummyz*
You know I'm the kind who could not go back home with an empty hand. I need at least to buy something or else I'll feel that my life was incomplete for that outing. hahahaha wtf!

So I bought 3 pairs of new earrings. Welcome to your new family babies :)

New members, meet your seniors a.k.a old members. Please be nice to each and every one okay. No fighting with each other.Mummy loves you all equally. *hearts*
Thou mummy admit, some of you may not have mummy's love o.O

Right now I think I'm addicted to ........................ drugs. hahaha of course la not! I'm addicted in buying more and more earrings T_______________________________T worst than effing drugs. waka waka eh eh!!

So midterm break is in 2 weeks time and I'm gonna face 3 papers before the break. Screw donkey! I haven't started a single thing except for chapter 1 of Land. Looks like I'll have to burn the midnight oil today *fingers crossed*

Kita lepak dulu!! Anime se-round hahahahahaha.

Can't get bored of camwhoring :D
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