Sunday, July 25, 2010

I am not HCAL T_______________________T

Saturday !!!!
Ahhh finally it's sem break :)

Woke up at 1.30pm and nothing beats a good long sleep. Damn I love my holidays. Did nothing active the whole evening. Were busy watching movies in my computer and then had the urge to go jonker for some window shopping. Went there with Nicole, Mark and my brother. haha.

Wow seriously damn freaking crazy many people lor!!!! Can't barely walk ler.
So we sat at Geographer and had some drink.


Went to Jetty about 10.30pm and it was packed as well o.O
Wanted to play pool but ended up playing snooker because there was no empty table for pool :(
(Alvin joined us for snooker)
Oh gosh snooker is seriously damn hard to play lor. Dah la table so bloody big, plus the rules of playing it also damn menyusahkan T________________T
After snooker we went to Pak Putra for supper which. Mark ordered naan cheese double something something :P which taste quite good.
As for Nicole and Alvin they ordered garlic something something :x
Sorry I sucks at memorizing. That's why I took law. hahah WATDEFORK!!!! So contradicting.

Had a great chat there. Reached home at 2am and here I am blogging. All right peeps. I'm off to bed.

Happy Holidays ;)

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