Thursday, July 1, 2010

Happily Never After

I've been lazy to blog quite recently.
Last Saturday went to watch Knight and Day together with my brother and Shawn.

Initial plan was to watch Sex and The City 2 but then I felt pity for the guys coz they seem not that very interested in the movie. So we decided to watch Tom Cruise instead :D *slurps* and the movie was at 10pm.
While waiting for the movie to starts. Went for a window shopping and I saw Barney passed by me. God I got a heart attack okay. That Barney looks so scary and unfriendly O.O
but I managed to camwhore with errr this yellow guy. Can't remember the name :P

Then we went for a drink. =.= okay I forgot what's the place name.

Conclusion for that night was, the movie was so damn good and I'm in love with him *hearts*
He is so darn good looking okay. He is so cute, talented, good looking, has a nice body and and and delicious. hahahahhahahaha. okay ignore the last criteria. That's just for my personal taste. People like Amirul will totally disagree with me.


Last Sunday went back to kampung. Later at night went for a wedding dinner with Sher Lyn. No photos taken because we were too shy. But the camera man do take our pictures but too bad I don't have it :(
So no luck. Couldn't show off my dress for that night. sobs.

That's all for Sunday. Busy day as well. hahaha


Monday. I can't remember what I did on Monday except for attending class. Oh yea. I watched Sex and the City 2 on Monday :D

hahaha I love the horny puppy. lol. Lynette go get one of those :D:D *shy*
I've tried to look for a picture of the puppy but :( I can't find em'
If you wanna see that horny little thing, just go watch this movie alright XD


As for Tuesday, class starts like usual and fortunately our Private International Law tutorial class was canceled hip-hip-hooray. Had a cinta tiga segi date with Lyn and Jr. Romantic die die okay!

We went to Ong Kim Wee for satay celup. Yummehhhzzz :D

After dinner we went to GSC to catch Toys Story 3

The movie really damn nice and funny. This movie is as nice as Knight and Day except there's no Tom Cruise in here.


As for yesterday, right after class went for lunch with these people.

hahahahaha amirul tengah mencuri my brother's chicken. He told my brother that he knows me for 3 years+ and that also shows that he knows my brother for 3 years. After telling like one whole bloody long grand mother story, his conclusion was just to take some chicken -____- from my brother. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA so typical Amirul lor!

I love MMU -_____- gosh buat malu je wear that shirt. Ishh. I should advice my bro to stop wearing that shirt. Pakai kat rumah tu acceptable la.

Right after lunch, Mark send me to Dataran to meet up with my secondary school friends. However ended up most of them were from High School kids. I meant they were ex student from High School.

Met up in Wong Kok.

LOL wilson so cute :)
Looks like a kindergarten kid. hahahahaahha

My normal yet nice drink

Cheong Hong's special drink with a special name which was known as 'Sweet Lady' but taste like dunno what shit :)

After that we headed to the bowling zone. My first time ever playing bowling wei.
My VERY first time. Guess who I bumped into?
Hawe =.=

See la. He and his retarded actions 24/7 non stop. hahahahaha

He and his girl, Joanne.

We are so cute :D

Ehhh the ball was quite heavy okay T________________T
Owhhh and my very first time, I got a 6/
Means I am GOOD. But overall game I scored 48 only =.=
Damn sad can die. According to Wilson, first timer being able to score 48 is considered good enough :D

Owh and guess what? I was about to bowl for the 4th round where I suddenly slipped the bowling ball to the back. HAHAHAHAHHAHA WAT THE FUCK!!! Malu until can die. Everyone were laughing at me T_______________________________T sad case sial.

After bowling we went to Baskin for some light snack. It's Wednesday (Pink Day) so buy 1 scoop free 1 scoop :)

The Happily Never After Married G-Couple

Right after that which was about 7pm, we headed to Jetty for a game of pool. Wooohooo. Damn long never play pool. Wilson skills sucks like mad. I almost killed him with my pool stick. sigh.
10 god damn free balls were given to him but all 10 of them he used it unwisely. Gosh!

Played until 8pm+ and then we headed to Mc Quek for dinner. Yes Satay Celup again!!!!! hahahahahaha fat can die.

There were 7 of us and while eating towards the end, the rain started to pour down. Thank God I'm done with eating. That place doesn't have much choices. So I still prefer Capitol or the one located in Ong Kim Wee.

Overall, I had a very great day for the past few days and now I can officially announce that I'm once broke again. It's been quite some time since I announce this kinda stuff no? So here it goes again :)

I'm Broke like mad.

ps: Movies that I want to watch next will be The Backup Plan
pps: I wanna watch A-Team too :(

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