Saturday, July 24, 2010


I've been so busy for the past few days hence there's no updates from me. Sorry bloggie for abandoning you :(
So I just had the 2 most tough paper for this semester and I can now enjoy my 1 week break NOT!!! Gotta do 2 assignments which will due in like a week plus plus o.O and also study for 2 more papers T______________________________T

So how is my paper today eh? Hmmm no comment.

By the way I did something brave today -______- which is to dye my hair.
Right after my paper which was at 4pm, headed to the saloon and we got there about 4.30pm. Sat there for 30minutes discussing about what color I wanna dye and so on. So about 5pm started doing my hair and it ended at 8.30pm. GOSH!!!!! My poor baby Mark was starving like mad there. hahaha thanks sayang for accompanying me :)
I'm helping you to diet in a healthy way. So you should thank me okay asshole darling ;)
Plus you are not the only one starving okay. I almost died out of hunger as well.

Wanted to go for purple as my base color but my stylist said it can only last for like 3-4weeks+ and I wouldn't want to waste my RM200 on a color that can only last for that short period right? Unless I'm one hella rich ah lian. So ended up I dyed my hair with the old common boring color which you can see in the night market and also shopping malls. hahaha. Go figure what color is that.

Went to KFC for dinner and got back home about 10pm+ with a migraine. Yes I am blogging while I'm suffering from a heavy migraine right now.

HCAL is the abbreviation for high class ah lian ;)
so glamorous name :D

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