Thursday, July 8, 2010

Seoul Garden

Yesterday was a pretty heart throbbing day in tutorial class. The end.

Have been waiting for 3pm to come. Decided to skip lunch and just ate in Seoul later since I'm paying a large amount of money there why wanna waste more money eating something before that right?
However, according to our 'experienced' friends Mark and Amirul, they told me to eat something just to cover my little hungry stomach because once upon a time they were once a stupid people who tried to save $ and skipped breakfast and lunch just to have breakbrunch (breakfast + lunch + dinner) in Seoul. And as a result, perut masuk angin and then cannot eat much. HAHAHAHAHAHAHHA lagi rugi.

So I've decided to eat something light which consist of sambal squids and some potatoes and 2 tiny pieces of beef without rice. Had those around 1pm+ and thank God I listened to their advice because turned out we only started eating about 4pm. hahaha MALAYSIA TIMING =.=

Right after light lunch with Mirul, Mark and Fikry I headed to town. As expected I was the first to reach. Bumped into swii fern and had some chat. Thank God I bumped into her. At least I can kill some time. Adrian, Liang and Lyn reached about 3.30pm and then kanasai Wilson and Leng was there all along just that they decided to eat McD and later on FFK on us =.=

Slap you die WILSON TAN!!!!
100000000001 excuses la you!
I divorce you as my maple boyfriend. TALAQ!!!
As compensation I wanna claim 50 million mesos (in maple) HMPHH!!!

Then about 3.40pm we called Cheong Hong to ask him where the hell is he. As expected he's still at home. Bloody hell. So Leng and Wilson left us in despair. Hong reached about 4.15pm and the 4 of us (liang, adrian, lyn and I) were busy eating already. muahahaha. If wanna wait for them, sampai mati also won't get to eat yet =.=

The story haven't end completely. I called Leong Shen and this fella lagi lah bagus. Totally forgot about our gathering. WAT THE FUCK?? And he was sleeping at the time I called him. hahaha seriously wanna get flying kick from me. How dare you forget your sifu's order.

The four of us started eating about 3.45-3.50pm and we ate until 7pm and sat there until 7.15pm.
MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA *satisfied smile*

Sorry. Was too excited and hungry until I forgot to take the food pictures. We used damn a lot of plates and bowls. There were 6 of us and me myself used up to like more than 10 plates and few bowls. lalalala~~
Let them wash it la. That's their job. I just wan clean new plate/bowls for every scoop of food that I put on my plate. muahahahahhaha.

Had 3 glasses of drinks. We had 4 full plates of chickens, 1 plate of squids, 2 and half plates of meat balls, fish balls and those kinda stuff la. Erm we had some seaweeds, mushrooms, tomatoes, coleslaw, prawns, lala, clams, eggs , cuttlefish, Oh-God-You-Name-It.

As for desserts I had 2 bowls of ice cream. YUMMYZZZ
Right after all those crazy mad eating spree, I felt like exploding lor. But still I went for second round ice cream. hahahahaha *loves*
Wanted to go for third round but then i shy and I felt like my stomach started to mengembang o.O

By the way I just cut my fringe all by myself  *prouds*
I know some of you might say there's no big difference =.=

However Thank God people like Amirul, Leong Shen, Cheong Hong, and Liang noticed :)
This shows that you guys were observant enough ^^ unlike somebody *pointing finger at ......*

Hmm didn't get to capture Liang's photo because she were too busy cooking the chickens for us. awwwww *loves* but then your chicken not cooked one T__________________T (according to leong shen la)

I planned to stay there until 10pm de. But all my friends said buat malu je. hahahahahahahaha so we went to look for shoes instead since lyn wanna get a new heels.
About 8.20pm we departed to Jetty and I was having some difficulties in order to find where the hell I parked my car in Mahokta =.= we were looking like mad and who knows the car was just right in front of me covered by another car =.= seriously blur like mad. (haha saja je wanna make my friends feel the suspense)

Went there to sing karaoke but you know la, I ain't a big fan of karaoke-ing so ended up we played Pool instead :D

I enjoyed it so much but still I won't forgive you Wilson and Leng. You guys better do something in order for us to forgive you guys.

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