Sunday, July 4, 2010

Time for a change

My new facebook profile picture :D
So lala-ish. Thank you Nicole Lee Hui Ching for pointing out the obvious.

Wanted to try something new since my profile pictures always look rather 'normal' and un-lala-ish.
Well I can't say that I'm a perfect lala yet cause first of all no eye liner, no big eyes, no mushroom fringe hair style and also no contact lenses on and and erm no fake lashes on too?

See not easy to be a high quality lala okay. Need to put up on lotsa stuffs on the face to look perfecto senorita.

The only thing that I managed to do was the peace pose =.=
Only people that ran out of idea on how to pose will do that peace pose.
Case in point, refer the picture above.

But I still think that doing a lala pose has their cute point no?
I'm feeling cute (please let me syok sendiri can or not. dengki!)

Aih tomoro is monday T___________________________T
I wish everyday is Thursday (only for this whole semester of course) since I got no class from Thursday to Sunday :D

By the way, should I get a part time job? But then again, Delta is a very tough year. Where got time to work la? Need to study! But think again, as if la I got study =.=

Aihhh confusing. How how how????

Alright. Shall continue doing my land law tutorial. Adios peeps

ps: kc loves lala mui.

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