Saturday, July 3, 2010

Black & White

Putting my broke-ness situation aside, I went out enjoying myself yet again *sigh*

Had a busy day yesterday. Went to town in the evening to shop for some Birthday gifts for someone's Birthday. Of course not a friend of mine. I was merely accompanying Cheong Hong to get the gifts. Spend time there until 8pm+ and I haven't had my dinner yet. Was so starving at that time okay T__________________T

Stopped by this new Beauty Care Outlet called Nature Republic.

Yeap it's RAIN. He is the ambassador.

Bought a facial product there. Hopefully it's good.

Right after that, we headed to Jonker. It was drizzling but since that was our initial plan, we couldn't afford to cancel it. So we walked under the rain T_____________________T
It was about 9pm+ when we reached there and quite few stalls packed up due to the rain. Not much people too.

I'm still starving okay! Had wan tan mee for dinner :)

Chiew and his greedy looks

It's all about food that day. Thou I admit I don't eat that much but still it's quite a lot for me. After that we had this drink that were made from ice.

Then we had some herbal eggs :) yummmyzzzz :D
Then we had this squid I have no idea what's it but it cost RM2 per stick. I had 3 sticks of those :D:D
Then continue camwhoring.

Around 11pm we headed to Station 1 to catch the match between Brazil and Holland but too bad the place were fully occupied. Without much choices, we were forced to go Wing's Cafe. The food there were pretty expensive T____T

Went there for yam cha session and I ordered mushroom soup :D

Lepak there till 1am++ and by the time I got back home it was about 2am.

Living is about eating not eating for living.
Who cares people call you fat?
Who cares if you couldn't fit into a nice dress that you bumped into in the shopping mall?
Who cares if you were diagnosed with diabetes?
Who cares la?
Enjoy now suffer later. MUAHAHAHAHAHA!

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