Wednesday, July 14, 2010

So What?

Decided to be a good student yesterday.

Class starts at 10am to 12pm and the 12pm tutorial class was cancelled coz lecturer got sick. Then went ixora food court for lunch together with Mark, Kin Ming, Stanley, Danny and Li Han. Sat there for an hour and then I rot in Law library from 1pm+ to nearly 6pm. OMG *prouds*

Went there to do some revision but the library was so damn noisy like pasar malam. In order for me to understand each and every word i read, i have to read it like 5 to 6 times because the noise was completely distracting and all those people walking here and there seriously damn annoying. However I managed to spend an hour or two doing some revision until 3pm+ where I started feeling lazy and I went to look for the girls AND our custom begins.

Using camera only not that advance. So we used webcam instead. wtf!

If you think these are the only pictures, then think again. lol.

This is my favorite picture; D' Three-some :)

After our night class, headed to one random mamak for dinner. Food was so-so only.


Tuesday was a fucked up day. 
Camwhoring rules.


On the way to campus today, got caught in a super duper heavy rain halfway. dang! Whole shoes got wet :( and the feeling was damn uncomfortable. After class went to Secret Recipe for lunch. Thanks for the treat :) and thanks for everything even though you are sleepy shit head and you also contributed into my emo-ness but still i love you :D

It was a good decision ;)

ps: Happy Birthday Kai Choy Ng!

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