Sunday, March 25, 2018

Japan - Kyoto (Nishiki Market & Biwako Hotel)

We all know that Japan is famous for their Samurais and Geishas and also all those flavored kit kat.
Not only that, they are also well known for their fresh seafood!

Travelling to Japan without experiencing food hunting on their wet market is a big NO-NO.

Let me take you to Nishiki Market located in Kyoto.

Huge fresh seafood!

Our frickin huge oyster. 

I had this grapefruit with rum. Stim woi. 

We spent about two hours there.

Right after that, it's dinner time.
How not to get fat you tell me?

 This time we had shabu shabu buffet.

You can order unlimited pork and beef slices here.
Too bad I can't recall what's the name of the restaurant.

One of the best hotel for my Japan trip - Biwako Hotel.

Blue roses by the lobby 

Room facing the lake view. 
This is what I called as life.

To be continued.

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