Monday, February 10, 2014

A New Year, A New Start, A New Chapter, A New Beginning!

Happy Chinese New Year!
May the year of Horse brings everyone good health and wealth.

My celebration started off very well especially on - FOOD!!

Celebrated CNY Eve at my maternal late grandparents home.
Relatives came all the way down from KL for the reunion dinner.
We had deliciously peranakan home cooked dinner style.

The pongteh chicken and itik tim soup is a must!
We had an eight course dinner that night.
Simple food yet delicious especially when you are surrounded with your loved ones.

CNY Eve's dinner

Wore a red dress that night. And yeah I had a haircut.
Goodbye to my long straight hair TT___TT

Day 1 - Kids in RED!!!

My little rascal in her super cute bee outfit. 
Spot her tiny bumble bee's tail? Cute max!

Lion dance in the house yaw!

With all the crazy cousins who only knows how to bully me -___-
Especially the girl with the peace pose.

The naughty cousins forced me to take them to Jusco.
Katanya bosan. Perghh!
CNY is about family reunion okay!! Not to shop in the shopping mall.

But then again, once we reached Jusco, the place was packed with chinese families.
okay I take back my word.
Seems like the new trend of CNY is to spend time with family in the shopping mall.

We had BR ice cream.
Weeeee~ *loves*

Day 1 Reunion Dinner.
And the fatness starts here. I think I've gained 2KG!
There's no yee sang because most of us don't really like the taste of it :D

Celebrated my second day in Johor Bahru.

Day 2 CNY Dinner. 
Their roasted duck was superb!

Day 3 was food and movie day!
We went to watch From Vegas to Macau.
It's a very nice movie. At first I was in hesitation on whether to watch the movie or not. Kept forcing the cousins to watch Robocop instead. Fortunately the movie was a good one.

With the retard girl.

Tea break at JCO.

And that's not it.
I ended my day with a tummy filled with love.

Day 3 Dinner.
I was blessed with lots of good food.

Last but not least Steamboat dinner on DAY 4.

This year, instead of collecting red packets, I've been collecting fats into my stomach.
What a great way to start my new year :)

So how did you celebrated yours?

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