Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Mind of mine

With my adorable little cousin - Justin.

The handsome Haydenz. 

Promoting Klebang's Coconut Shake.

McD Cendol flavor sundae. 
Super sedap wei!

Satay Celup at Jalan Ong Kim Wee - Ban Lee Siang

Woah! I almost got a heart attack while eating there.
The price has gone up to RM1 per stick *gulps*


So the rumor about llaollao in Melaka is not just any rumor.
They have actually landed in Aeon Jusco Melaka.

Their franchise stall is just a row with Chatime. Well that's because Bryan Loo is the one who managed to bring in llaollao market into Malaysia.

Yeap Bryan Loo as in the same person who brought Chatime into Asia. Thanks Bryan for expanding this franchise to Malaysia. Now I can eat llaollao without going to our neighbouring country.

RM18.90 per cup.

OOTD. Loving my new Muzic handbag cookies.


Date with Huey Bee.

Catwalk with the CIMB Bank peeps.

Siaw Ching's House Warming Party.


The GFF is finally back in Melaka after almost a year.
Woof Woof!!

And so we had a seafood steamboat celebration. 
Look at the amount of gigantic prawns.

Too much seafood for a week.
Gotta cut dem' cholesterol intake.

Caffe Bene *hearts*

The hyped Tong Sheng Restaurant located in Melaka Raya which is famous for their Cheese Prawn Meehon.

We started queuing from 7pm and we managed to get a table around 8.15pm and food was served at about 9pm.

So you'll need to embrace yourself and wait for at least 2 hours before you can actually eat.
Make sure you have something light before coming here or else you'll starve to death.

The first picture is the Cheese Prawn Meehon which cost RM70 (medium size) which is meant for 4 to 5 people. There were 5 of us and honestly tak cukup makan langsung tapi apa nak buat, bapak gila mahal sial. Takkan nak order satu lagi kan? Terus mati bankrap.

Since Sher Lyn wanted to eat crab so badly and we thought that how expensive can 2 ekor crab cost lah kan. Shouldn't cost more than RM150 ba. Dah la the size kecil macam peanut. When the bill came. BAM!!! RM178.30 for two bloody small crab di mana isi bukan main sikit tapi cengkerang je berat. Cilaka!!

*take a deep breath*

Total bill for 5 dishes. None of us were full.

This will be my first and my last visit.
Dah la kena beratur lama nak mampos. Makan tak kenyang, mahal pula tu.
Ok bye.

Second round at Station One.


Anthony + Yuki.

Mickey Mouse / Disney Theme.

Yet another guy is off the market.

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Two Seven

 Throwback in May.

We lined up for more than 30 minutes just to enter this restaurant.
The food are really special. 

I couldn't recall the name of the restaurant.

Snapchat craze. 

Can you spot the hidden Amirul? 

 The usual gang - second round.

We ended up at Zouk for our 4th stop. The night is always young whenever I'm in KL with these bunch of awesome people.

 The high Jason. YOLO!


 llaollao in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.



I've been telling the boyfriend about this new glass concept coffee shop which was adapted from Jay Chou's - Handwritten Past MV which I wanted to visit real bad.

We were having difficulties in locating the place at first and I almost gave up but Mark insisted of finding it for me. Thanks a lot baby.

So here we are at Palladium Cafe.

Well the place would be picturesque if only the buildings at the background are fully developed.

Nothing fancy about the drinks. Price was quite expensive and the taste was so-so.
Oh well, can't expect much for a pretty looking concept cafe hor?
The only thing that is worth would be the photo and memories.



Birthday cakes from my sweet colleagues. 

 One year older, one year wiser.

Complimentary Birthday cake from Starbucks. 

Birthday treat at Tony Roma's 

Lunch date at Plat Kitchen. 

Look who is in Melaka for a short trip. 


Another nice place to chill in Melaka would be - THE FAT BEE
This cafe is located by the Jetty in Melaka.

 An unexpected belated birthday celebration from these two lovelies.


Met up with Ying Le for a short catch up.
It's good to see you babe.

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