Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Whup Whup

 Farewell dinner for one of our firm's attachment student at Dongdaemun.

All of them look so young and innocent. 
The reason why I am not included inside the photo. Hah! 


The food at kuay tiaw zabb is really good. Feels like I'm in Thailand.

Sher Lyn wanted to have something spicy, and this place did not fail her expectations.
Everything was so spicy that we literally cry and wipe our noses with tissue while eating.
Spicy level 5 chilli emoticon.


2017 is a year where we met the most after graduation.

Princess Nicole was kind enough to travel down Melaka quite often lately.


 Party Night.

Dessert night with my little rascal. 


And then it's my turn to visit Nicole in Subang. However it's just a day trip.

Jeuksing in Sunway Pyramid. 

The best thing of having Nicole around is that she always introduce you new hipster cafes.
This time around, she brought me to Whup Whup located around Subang Jaya.

This cafe is converted from factory.
The entire place is actually a factory. Even the location was inside factory area.
Nice concept but a little bit tricky to find it.

Who the heck would expect that there's a hidden cafe located in factory area?

Whup Whup Restaurant & Cafe
No. 12 Jalan SS13/3B
47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor.

I forgot to take photo of the place.
Sorry my bad. Hehe.

But here's a photo of our cute face to make it up. LOL!

Whup Daddy at RM25.00 

 I had Duck 3 Ways at RM28.00

This dish is really special. My first time ever trying salted egg fettuccine. Wow what a combination.
Can you believe it? SALTED EGG FETTUCCINE! I've heard of salted egg chicken, crab and/or fish fillet. Those are the common ways to eat your salted egg style but this one on a fettuccine! OHMAIGOD!
*drum rolls, sibei dramatic*

However, the taste wise is surprisingly good wor!

Oh, here's an OOTD photo at Whup Whup's toilet. 

Second round at some hipster coffee shop.
Shit I forgotten the name. 

The name of the cafe is not important.
Most importantly, we look so chio in the photo above!!

Rush back Melaka just to meet JR.
HAHAHAHAHA! Gan dong die or not?

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